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  1. I have searched all over Orlando for the BK HHN cups/placematt and nothing. Oh well, not much longer!

  2. Im so frustrated with Loose Cannon. I have played it constantly every hour all day today and cant get anywhere. Its the only one I cant beat. I try all the tips and every time the boat tips to the right and the cannon explodes before i can get the sword to cut a single rope. I put the sword on the left side of the screen and pretty much exactly on the spot the rope is. The sword either breaks or nothing happens. Im gonna keep trying, but im not having fun anymore. This year the games are just frustrating. Most of my friends would go play the games a few times. But this year, no one does. They play, get banned and then they say its boring. Im starting to feel the same way. I just want all my chips half lit in time for the site update. I get the Luck thing, but man I must have No luck! lol
  3. I had express passes one night with some friends who were only going one night. We went straight to Havoc. After a long wait in express line, we get to the front. The regular line is a huge cluster f**k all the way to the entrance, at least five people wide, all trying to fit single file into the house. When she scanned our tickets, they didn't even try to cut off the regular line. We were shoved by a group of about 20 pre teens all locking arms, holding shoulders, etc. They separated our group and when I yelled excuse me we were before you, they just yelled at me in a foreign language. The employees just stood and watched and kept saying keep moving. I was so irritated. Im tired of getting stepped on by these groups of kids too. Im almost 6 foot in my boots and they act like they dont see me! I must say when I accidentally stomp on their feet (who wears sandles to HHN?) and they scream in pain, it makes me feel a little better.
  4. I don't know who was Cindy in the Fear Revealed scare zone. But she was great! She kept running around, was full of energy and super creepy! Had a great creepy kid voice and saying little thing like "are u gonna play with me?" Just what I pictured. Great Job. Also the Director and the Usher in that scare zone were really into their roles too. Great energy. I was in that scare zone for at least a hour, just taking it all in.
  5. I scream my head off! And I am very LOUD! lol. Im sorry i cant help it. Im having fun, I love being scared. I will scream and run, or hide my face and scream! I have been told to shut up before by other guest. But Im having fun and I would never hit a scareactor.( I often hurt myself by running into things, walls, the fog boxes, etc) I did run full force into a scareactor but I was running from another scareactor. He didnt budge and hissed in my face! So I went screaming in the other direction! My group does drink, but we all love HHN and respect the Scareactors. I had jack follow me in his fun house, even blocking the entrance. He was laughing and kept saying Scream little girl! So I kept darting around screaming my head off! So if I deafen u, Im sorry! But feel free to scare the crap out of me! I wont hit you and my group will just point and laugh at me! I Cant wait! Im leaving in a hour ! Woo!
  6. Hitting up Cigarz to pre game is a must! They have a great selection of Beer and Liquor. They have Shipyard Pumpkin ale on tap. They also have bottled Sam Adams Octoberfest.( if ur looking for seasonal stuff) They have Huge plastic cups of Bud and bud light for $3.75. The little beer stand between the escalator and Red Coconut has Jacks Pumpkin ale. The vodka in the Park was Russian Standard and the Whiskey was Early Times. I think its cheaper to have a few drinks at city walk before u go in the park, and they have a better variety. Now I sound like a alcoholic lol But I try to get the best deal, since I go to HHN so many times, it adds up.
  7. I should be able to swing by for a drink or three. I will be wearing my HNN shirt. I was American Mcgees Alice at Sins party, if anyone who went to the party is going. I will try to be more social, a few pints of liquid courage should help! Im also going to the AP party so will have to leave early for that. See ya guys there!
  8. Oysterhead00 thats exactly what we do. We actually call the people who lay the jigger on the table, fill it, then dump it into the drink "pourers" lol. When we see they are doing that, we don't even order. We go to the next bar.We like the people that hold the jigger at a tilt over the cup and overflow it. I actually go to a awesome bartender named David who seems to work all the special events. I try to find him, he is a very good Bartender! He is very generous, well as generous as a USF bartender can be without getting in trouble. Or we go to Finnegans and look for Jolynn or Dan, the are awesome!!
  9. wow. just wow. I have not even bothered looking at this thread because I figured not much would be done before RTU. But now I'm just blown away! I'm going in the park tomorrow and I cant wait to see all this! the details are amazing! I gotta get some pics before things get destroyed. Thanks everyone for posting these! I'm even more excited now!!
  10. Does any one have any ideas on how to display there collections, especially maps without damaging them?? I cant just put stuff on a shelf, because my cat will knock it off. I had to tape my cups down because he knocked off and cracked my HHN 14 cup. So any ideas would be great... and pictures. thanks
  11. Just saw the HHNdisplay in the Publix on Hiawassee in Metrowest! It looks nice and creepy!

  12. Wow. I have only been to HOS once in 2007 and I didn't like it at all. I was kinda bored with it. I just looked at the site for this year and it made me laugh. It seems more funny then scary, imo. It kinda looks like it would be for pre teens, with the whole Revenge Rocks and rocker chic theme. If I could just go in the Alone House I would do it. But I wouldn't pay for a ticket into the event and then a ticket into the Alone house. I don't think the event looks even a little bit scary. I will stick to HHN. Im interested in what it is like, so will check back later.
  13. Headed to IOA! Hopefully the FJ ride is up! Rode it yesterday! Its FUN!!

  14. I love going Halloween night! The Scareactors go crazy! They really let loose, and just go crazy. In Apocalypse: City of Cannibals one of the male scareactor grabbed up a female scareactor and threw her over his shoulder, running off into the fog. This really freaked guest out! I loved it!
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