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  1. hmmm there is alot of speculation on this subject been told alot it was him and everyone just didn't notice haha. http://statigr.am/p/550294147323277894_10452955 It was also my first time (was with Jumboshrmp) going to HHN in Hollywood and I absolutely loved it especially The Purge zone. Hollywood scareactors bring an intensity I haven't seen in all the years I've been going to HHN Orlando and that has been since 2001.
  2. I love the constant all night screaming in this zone.
  3. But is it a valid opinion? I'm pretty sure he stated House of Horrors was last minute as a fact, which may not be the case for all we know.
  4. Its called an opinion... People are entitled to like House of Horrors if they enjoyed it, you didn't enjoy it okay but its a no go on calling it blatantly a shitty house.
  5. Looks like a mix of Hollywood's and Orlandos scarezone characters cause it seems we're sharing commercials.
  6. 1. Warriors 2. Beasts 3. Walkers 4. Inquitus 5. Vampires 6. Prisoners 7. Traditionals
  7. 1. Universal's House of Horrors 2. Alice Cooper: Welcome To My Nightmare 3. Welcome To Silent Hill 4. Dead End 5. Gothic 6. Penn & Teller Newkd Las Vegas 7. The Walking Dead: Dead Inside
  8. Found it on the HHN Media site.
  9. I do want Texas Chainsaw, since its based on the original, damn.
  10. man, I would love to see this since its based on the original movie and all.
  11. Quigley's Top 10 Actor List. Clint Eastwood is number 2 on the list. Clint's son Scott is in Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D.
  12. agreed 110% not even the biggest dubstep fan but it would be a trip.
  13. Well coast is clear. Lol

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