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  1. My only question about the ABC mission, would The Walking Dead count as T or W? I feel for the purpose of being alphabetically correct in lists would be to count the house as a W.
  2. Cabin in the Woods: Im unsure as to what cast she was in but it was in the scene of the "rape room" and the first spot to the right, the girl, came out and just screamed her most horrifying horror movie scream. I about lost my bowels on the dance floor. Thanks for the first scare in years! I couldnt even look up for the rest of the house because of how terrifying you were to me. Hah, kudos.
  3. Quick question y'all. A merch man was talking about a certain sequence at Cabin in the Woods in the room of the Merman that shows video footage of our past icons. Does anybody know said sequences? I figured this might be Collective based.... maybe. Luck to all on this years endeavor!
  4. very much figured. I just noticed the amount of "kid" sections, as in the Skoolhouse and various other "kids-gone-sour" areas with the relation to all this hub bub.
  5. Doesnt everyone. We can do without Jack for a bit longer. Less fights to break up. Speaking on a different manner, could there be a specific reason as to why certain pictures were chosen for the website? Anything couldve been picked seeing as they/ we all take spectacular photos. Could there be some significance, or once again, going in too deep.
  6. I know i'm rather late to put in my 2 cents and even worse, trudge myself surely off the path for houses, but the speculation of balloons and children makes me wonder for the possibility of but another Scary Tales house. Possible, maybe. Probable, not at all. Carry on.
  7. yea, i figured thats what i need to do. is there a sense of signing up once you get there or is it more along the lines of grabbing a card and continuing on with the said puzzle or such
  8. slight question. my computer wont let me play the games, only sign in. Will i still be able to partake in said events. im there almost every night anyways
  9. There's really no training for the scareactors. Just one hour extra for all can rack up some serious money. At least with less training it adds to the imagination of most scare actors. If anything, its like a rush through your area, show you your buttons (assuming you have any), and maybe, just maybe have a mock trial with the other cast before employee preview. The employee preview is training enough especially when you have the A&D and other higher ups voicing their opinions on your acting that night and most nights to come. Wasting money on the scare actors would do nothing is basically what I'm trying to say in a less wordy procession.
  10. I'm super stoked about SH but hopefully it will be strictly video game based, like they said, rather thran movie. The movie does the game absolutely no justice. Upon speculation of Pyramid Head, I doubt he's going to "jump" out at you like everybody else. Probably just a light or two on him with minimal movements, stilts or just a walk forward type of thing. We dont need anybody poking peoples eyes out like Cats and Combs.
  11. I have noticed that when it comes to Orlando updates, they throw us around like a little ball on a chain. Hollywood generally is never a precursor for Orlando so they are just playing around with us at this point and even trying to stall some time for what they are going to do with this (possible) ruining of their (possible) original plans to SS44.
  12. Ok, just putting my little opinion out there. First off, these alleged houses could kick some serious ass. How are you supposed to know if its to suck or not based on the names? Last year we had conquistadors, man-eating nurses, and a cemetery. All were said to be lame and 1 out of those 3 won House of the Year along with another high rates of injury due to scaring the shizz out of people. All in all, dont put a house down unless you have lived it. Second off, to add to this Silent Hill hooplah, they did use the eerie music last year for the Grown Evil scarezone. Just super saiyan.
  13. this might be me looking a little too much into the website, which it most likely is, but it looks like writing within the top banner. Once again, this most likely is me getting too excited and looking to far into it, but who can ever resist the urge
  14. That building was never in the best shape, believe me. This could be just as it says, demolition and remodel. Whether it will be read for Horror Nights, who knows. Maybe they'll utilize their construction job (if not done by HHN) and idealize a house around it.
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