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  1. well wait a minute i found a video of a paroady show in hall o screams at bush garedens and they let them record there showing copyrighting material and parody. Just give me a good reason why they let them do that?
  2. Are you going to HHN again, if so go to the last showing of B&T and record what you left off and the last show of that night is usually fun. If can't then just send in of what you have. Please
  3. Thanks for the info. And now I will like to say is screw disney. First you take away our express pass machines and now this.
  4. Then why do they let them record in hollywood? And if you say they were sneaky with the camera's then screw you.
  5. Well since next year's it's bill and ted 20 they should make it better.
  6. Now can someone just get a video of it so I can watch.
  7. You call this similar this is just rip off joke of the past bill and ted shows i really like to see the 2008 again or better yet the other bill and ted shows
  8. I was thinking about lon cheney leagacy as the icon for HHN. He started the whole monster movie and the event
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