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  1. They picked an odd room and placement to do the live feed in LT. Anyone save the LT live feed video, I was told I was in it since I saw the cameraman and gave them a good "What the heck are you doing here in the middle of the atrium of LT?" look.
  2. There's another spot where Orchids are - inside the Legendary Truth house. Unfortunately I did not get a chance to get a real look at them since R&S were having a fit about us proceeding through the house at an enjoyable pace.
  3. Its the previous certificate from 2008 but its been aged to reflect the passing of time. Wonder if there are any other clues in that area.
  4. Wish I had read this earlier, I was in the park today and took photos of the front of The Caretakers area and even peered into the hearse but did not go around back. My personal view is that Facebook isn't the right spot for LT, too much chaos and static. They need to go back to their website and start developing things again.
  5. Had a similar experience yesterday. Went in to get my Frequent Fear Plus pass and when she was done asked if the lanyards were available. She popped into the back and came back stating that they may be available late next week and definitely opening night. So who knows? Someone is bound to get lucky at this rate.
  6. Exactly. Please remember to a) think first, think some more, c) consult friends with common sense and then d) don't act. To consider doing something to an actor is ludicrous.
  7. Some additional conversation between IH and myself this evening via message: (Originally I asked a question about Adaru and any historical background and misspoke - calling the portametus something else) IH: Actually the term "portametus" was handed to us, not invented. Odd, no? IH GB: Porta means gate in several languages and Metus is a Latin noun for fear. The odd part is who labeled the item as such, since they would know the function. IH: Nevertheless, counselor, that's how it arrived here in Princeton with a label attached...from Universal Art & Desigfn department. IH
  8. To focus on some of the facts presented: Portametus actually means Gate of Fear. Porta means gate in several languages Metus is a Latin noun for Fear So there you go.
  9. Probably because, for the most part, the roles of the staff members and their alliances have been set. Yes there are questions as to motives but they aren't going to tip off on those yet - it would ruin the experience. BTW, Thorncastle may or may not be a "total douchebag", we don't know what happened internally that resulted in him and Richards taking the Device. The event in the Wynadot home may have been accidental, as part of a investigation.
  10. I can see this being covered up or removed prior to RTU, It could be for testing at night to see if they have enough blacklight coverage.
  11. That's a twist I wasn't aware of. Dr. Thorncastle was the lead developer of the Device and with all of the evidence so far seems to be the one who absconded with it in connection with Mr. Richards. Do we know that its definitely the Spirit Seekers or was it a LT operation gone wrong under the supervision of Mr. Richards and/or Dr. Thorncastle before they went "rogue"?
  12. And here we go: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/notes/legendarytruth-the-collective-official/alert-083010-interim-status-report/110550229001092 Be prepared with concise questions for Senior Staff within the next 48 hours.
  13. And now take it another step. I've been communicating with IH and found out that the Collective had GW Facebook account seized. Also, be prepared to question Senior Staff within "the next few days".
  14. I didn't receive the actual message on FB, went through all my messages and the email notifications - nothing. Now I'm insanely curious as to what GW had to say to me.
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