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  1. Hey guys just got back on the computer after a like 5 day hiatus(wasn't really counting) and i must say that i was wrong Saw and Jason came back disappointing i know but i knew chucky was coming back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Enter Sandman-Metallica When Worlds Collide-Powerman 5000(kick-ass) More Human Than Human-White Zombie Second Heartbeat-A7x Raining Blood-Slayer(I know already suggested but just an awesome song) I know of more i just can't think of them
  3. Its about time you guys started looking up about this
  4. I still think childs play is gonna be a part of HHN
  5. The real freddy wears a sweater *tear* IDEA!!!! What would happen if everytime freddy would come out we would say IMPOSTER!!! what do you think would happen lol
  6. I still think that Chucky will be there until i hear it from murdys mouth btw DTH do you have a bloody disgusting account?
  7. Well then we have to be sure that chucky plays a part at HHN somehow EDIT: with as much as Murdy has talked about it he has to be there somehow
  8. Freak thats brilliant! It could be good guys i agree with you nightcrawler i won't care about the NOES maze with a chucky maze there
  9. actually i ran into to her while i was in line to go to madame tussads she was walking around all hidden when she ran into me her glasses fell of thats why i recognized her(you know how celebrities walk around with like there whole body covered in jackets scarves glasses and stuff) i tried to talk to her but she like turned up her nose like i wasn't worthy or something anyway....
  10. We only really have two threads p & m ing againts the maze i dont think thats too many considering how much people are pissed about it
  11. Technically, its a poll of what would you rather have as a maze i specifically made this thread cuz onca was on the speculation thread saying make a thread if you guys want to rip on the event make a thread so i did
  12. Ok guys at Onca's request i have made a NOES ranting thread, enjoy.
  13. Alrighty guys at onca's request back on the NOES speculation forum i've added a rant thread
  14. Thumb is weird-looking, DTH shes not only a bitch in the movie she is a bitch in real life
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