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  1. Hi pretty lady! Miss seeing you around the forums. How are your decorating plans going this year?

  2. Oh jeez I totally missed your bday!! Such a bad partner :( HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY. Ps-are you on facebook??

  3. Hey! I am still around! Just haven't been posting on any sites :( but I am still here and still your Halloween partner! :)

  4. Thank you for the Birthday wishes! :)

  5. Happy Happy Birthday!!! :D

  6. Where have you been lovely partner?? I miss you :)

  7. Good grief it has been WAY too long since I have been here Just wanted to say hello to everyone! Hope all is well!
  8. Jewels


    I just might have to take you up on that
  9. Jewels


    That sounds amazing! I love adding lime! And I always wondered about Nutella, now I will have to give it a try next time I see it!
  10. Jewels


    *sends some cookies mz's way!* My mom demands I make them with chocolate chips lol I like them with raisins
  11. awee, thanks sweety.

  12. Jewels


    Coooookies! Pumpkin Chocolate Chip!
  13. lol It's a good one. ;o) Thanks about the pic. comment. They guy was at Howl O Scream. He wrapped me up in his cloak. He asked my boyfriend he could keep me basically. lol I don't think he noticed though...

  14. darn you jewels, WHY KRISPY KREME! lol

  15. Jewels


    You read my mind! Yum, yum! I just had a salad with this Asian dressing by Kraft, its my favortie store bought dressing! Its so good!
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