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  1. I can't wait for this house, yeah it aint gonna be scary but as a child of the 80s it speaks to me on many levels!
  2. I am terrified for this maze. The Exorcist is one of the only things that scares me!
  3. I'm book on the UTH full day tour on the 17th September, I am SO excited!!
  4. Oh shit, this is one film which utterly terrifies me. Dunno if I could cope with a house!
  5. This is why Universal has a team of creatives working on the event...
  6. There's not much that I can think of from a "That would scare me" persepctive....I thought the Sculders were cute. I would like to see an AHS house, only to see the characters and locations in real life, that would be cool. I love the idea of Doll house of the damned a couple years ago, I'd love to see that brought back Leave it to Cleaver... nuff said on that
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