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  1. I'm honestly surprised on how long they're taking to get all this info out. We've got roughly 3 weeks before the event, and we still have 4 houses left to reveal. If they keep I down to 1 more big IP reveal and one announcement for 3 originals that would make sense.
  2. I heard this house was the scariest to my friend. It got them to jump the most and that's really saying something. Now its high on the hype.
  3. Makes sense, I just saw a vid with scareactors. The zones look a little meh this year, but I haven't experienced them first hand so I can't complain.
  4. That's the only touch to be honest. Nothing drags me in as worthy of my money or time.
  5. Time to put in more of my two cents. The event starts in six days! One thing I recommend has to do with the houses in the back. This year would mean TCM and Lunatics 3D. Check showtimes for Bill and Ted. These two houses will be packed after the completion of those shows, so make sure to go in those houses during the show. This is for us one-nighters. Don't, I repeat don't, go on rides until after you get those priority houses out of the way. I know from past experience that me going on rides changed the course of the night. For the waits I had in lines for the Mummy and Gringotts I could've been in Asylum in Wonderland. So just get the houses out of the way and then worry about other things going on. And finally, if you're with a group of friends (like I will be), plan order of houses and events for the night in advance. You don't want any conflicting opinions . So I will leave it at that. Anymore tips? Feel free to leave em here. It sure helps all of us.
  6. I was never gonna do it, but now I definitely won't bother with it. It's just an escape room with VR.
  7. I haven't seen the billboard yet. Do you have any pictures?
  8. Definitely agree with the date part. I hear the beginning of October is pretty quiet, so I'm heading there on October 2nd and no add-ons to my tickets (express and such). I should be able to make it through most houses, but I'm not stressing on not making it to all of them, because as long as I avoid some rides and shows, I should be good. However I will check out that site, so maybe I can sneak in a show or two. Thanks for the link . One more thing, though. And this goes out to everyone. AVOID HALLOWEEN NIGHT! Especially this year, considering it is one of the cheapest nights available. Other than that, I'm leaving the rest to you guys.
  9. Not so much copycats, more of "Hey great idea, let's try something along the lines of that!"
  10. They've got to have the map for it to be fully updated.
  11. Alright I suggest you get all the houses in the back done while you can, and whatever's left that you can't make time for to do the next day. But since you have Express it might not be much of a worry. If you have any interest, go through houses for detail and look around. It's a great way to share your thoughts in later topics after the event.
  12. Honestly the heights thing makes it more intriguing, but I'm just gonna assume this'll be the new trend with continuing years. I'm not gonna worry about it being a one time thing. I just don't have the drive to do it. Once I see what people think about it then I'll think about going.
  13. How many days will you be at their event?
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