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I am only 15 and was a complete coward until 24 where I only went because of my love for AVP(so there is the counter argument to those who hate I.Ps) I only went into AVP and Dusk Till Dawn, because I loved both movies and was a huge coward, however, I was hooked. We immediately made planes and got a Rush of fear with express so that we could go four nights for 25. I did everything multiple times at 25 and intend to keep doing it until I die now. Having only started last year, I am disappointed after going back and watching movies that I missed the change to go through Cabin in the Woods, The Thing, and Halloween. As well as missing Silent hill and Residend Evil 3, since I am a huge video game fan. Even though I live in Virginia, I have been going to Disney World and Universal all my life and have been over 80 times with annual passes to both. 


P.S. I despise the NBA with a passion for their role in closing Disney Quest.

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