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  1. I'd love to see The Evil Dead franchise return but in its original form with Ash. The remake lacked the imagination of the originals and so I feel the house suffered. With Ash vs the evil dead now on Starz I think it opens the door to a whole new fan base and could be a big seller for HHN and Uni. If they need IP houses to sell the event to the masses at least do something with both a mainstream and a cult following. Though its already been touched on: I'd also love to see something more based in "reality" however it would have to be something that over time has spawned its own myths. I'd like to see Jack the Ripper or even Lizzy Borden. I think though both are true stories they are shrouded in enough mystery to make for some interesting houses. There are so many theories and legends about "what really happened" HHN could go wild with their own interpretation. Lizzy could demonic possession or even better a witch (due to her location so close to Salem). You could go beyond her original murders that way. As for the Ripper tie in the body collectors or use any of the rumors of who he was. In that same line of thought why not use some of the old penny dreadfuls as inspiration. I don't mean the show but the actual penny novels sold in the street in mid-Victorian Britain. Sweeney Todd (before he was a musical), Dick Turpin, Black Bess or Varney the Vampire. With Stephan King's It getting a reboot that could be an interesting choice... But like someone mentioned earlier he won't let it happen (a girl can dream). I'm also all for a burlesque style show with a horrific twist.
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