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  1. I speculate that with the official announcment of the inclusion of TWD at this years event, people will start to complain. Wait, that's not a speculation, it happened with the initial announcement of CITW and Evil Dead. (And I admit initially I wasn't thrilled with those choices, but sometimes campy can wind up being fun and scary....we shall see.) Very interested to see what is in store this year regardless....
  2. They don't make 'em like that anymore....
  3. Personally, I'm a sucker for true atmospheric houses like Screamhouse, Scary Tales, Body Collectors, Dead Exposure, The Hallow, Nightingales, Winters Night, Gothic. Here's hoping we get something along these lines this year....
  4. Having attended all 22 years of this event, last year was the first year that I was truly disappointed. The crowds were horrendous, the drunks were out in full force and just something seemed to be missing...it was missing that old HHN vibe that I remember from previous years. Many factors are in play as to our attendance this year, I always have hope that the event will return to what it once was, a celebration of Halloween. That the focus will be put back on the ambiance and overall atmosphere of the event and not so much as to how many beer carts or shot girls can be placed in a queue line. Each year I try to have an open mind when we start to get tidbits of what to expect, this year is no different. Everyone has their own opinion about the event, good, bad or indifferent. I'm hoping that perhaps this year can sway my mindset back to the days of when I loved it and couldn't wait to step out into the fog and see what was waiting for me. Here's hoping....
  5. Hush

    HHN 23: Evil Dead

    The movie was a waste of two hours of my life. Given the crowds over the past several years, the house itself could wind up being a waste of upwards of the same if not more depending on wait times. And I've never been a huge fan of having a wealth of gore inside any house, there's nothing scary about gore, at least to me. So if they plan on gutting this one out so to speak, I'd be curious to see in what way and how it's presented. And a side note, movie reboots/remakes (this one included) should be banned in the film industry. Period.
  6. Personally, I don't even care about having an icon with this major outlandish backstory that is tied into all elements of the event. I also don't care about having an all original event either. I'm just not a fan of taking another celebrity (like AC or P&T) and creating a house around them. For me, neither of those houses had any type of Halloween feel to them at all. I'm sure if you are a fan of either of them, it was a much different experience. Those houses really had no type of concept to follow, there seemed to be no Halloween element to either of them. I want to be in a house like Gothic or Silent Hill where you feel immersed in a storyline, something that has that atmospheric prescence of Halloween. I'm a traditionalist when it comes to the holiday, give me, ghosts, goblins, witches, pumpkins, and things that go bump in the night. Hell even using IPs like Jason, Freddy, etc. at least those concepts ooze Halloween. Be it an IP or original concept, I'm for either one as long as it remotely resembles some type of Halloween oriented house. As I said before, this will be my 23rd year....it's going to take a hell of a lot to impress me this time around. And if they continue to use the same formula for houses in the coming years, personally, that'll be a huge let down for me.
  7. Personally, I don't think any musicians music translates well into a house. Unless you are a fan of the individual the house is based around, you'll be clueless to the images and concepts being presented. At least that's how I see it. For me Halloween has nothing to do with musicians and everything to do with an ambiance of sorts. I can never quite put my finger on that exact tone or atmospheric quality that for me encompasses Halloween, but the event has inched a little closer every year toward hitting it....but then they do something like an AC or P&T house and I'm like "Really Universal?". This coming year, I'm not sure what to expect. It'll be my 23rd year and honestly, I'm at the point I don't really know what they can pull off that will surprise or scare me. Every year I'm hoping to regain that love I used to have for the event, here's hoping 2013 revives that feeling.
  8. Never been a fan of Marilyn Manson at all. I think simply because he did try to be so shocking, so avante guard and non-mainstream, that's been done in every generation. And for me he's scary in a "yeap, he needs to have his meds checked" kinda scary, not a Halloween kind of scary. But again, that's what is great about the event, if a house like this would come to fruition, there would be plenty of folks who would love it!
  9. I'm always interested in hearing the difference in speculation between Orlando and Hollywood...good stuff
  10. Yes, because two separate lines along with the express pass line won't make it anymore confusing to all the drunk people or slow the lines down even moreso....genius!
  11. Unless a great deal changes, personally, I think seeing everyone bust out into the Harlem shake would be the only reason to attend a B&T show next year
  12. Not sure I can see anymore Doctor Who being integrated into HHN without it sucking even more of the "Halloweenieness" out of the event....even if there are vampires involved. I've seen vampires in various forms utilized enough at this event that if they never show up again that wouldn't be a bad thing in my book. It'd be great to see some type of urban legend house/folklore kind of house. Again, all just my random opinions and none of which mean much of anything to anyone but me....
  13. Eileen...(((HUGS))) You are exactly right, WAY more walkers outside TWD house than inside. I was just very underwhelmed by that house in general, considering it was one of the most hyped of the entire event, I expected so much more. I have my own personal reasons for disliking the Alice Cooper house, but that's another topic altogether....LOL This year reminded me exactly how much I love original houses and overdone IP houses are....nothing beats walking into a house and having little to no idea what the hell is going to happen, THAT is what Halloween is all about, those unexpected scares and surprises. Maybe that's why I didn't really enjoy TWD house that much because it was too predictable. I've been saying it for years, but for me, a traditional Halloween is the way to go. I got my jack-o-laterns a few years back and with the Skoolhouse, that amped things up a bit, but there is still so much more they could do.
  14. Wednesday's temperature 82, yesterday 68, today 66...and I wonder why I feel like I'm catching a cold. Again.
  15. Exactly Ryan! I just want an event that has a Halloween feel to it, not one that is a social overload of the current movies or trends. Make it scary, make it beautiful, make it fun...and if you wanna add a jack-o-latern or two here and there, that's fine by me.
  16. I am a major fan of TWD, but I have to completely agree with you....they need to leave it to television and never, ever, ever have a Walking Dead house again. Ever. Seriously. Never. The concept was great and the props were wonderful, but that was the one house I was looking forward to the most and the one that disappointed me the most. For it being all about zombies, I think we encountered maybe 8 in the entire house...perhaps it was zombie coffee break time when we went through. And the Alice Cooper house, it was, different...I think I dislike it simply because I got punched in the jaw there by a drunk guy, yeah, not the kind of fond memory I like to have a house. I would love to see something Dean Koontz or Stephen King oriented, or how about just going back to the old traditional amazing houses we once had? No big names, televisions or movies associated with them, just gorgeous houses with amazing set designs and costumes, like say Gothic from this year or the Hallow, S.S. Frightanic, Scary Tales??? A girl can dream, right?
  17. Eileen and Ryan, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the videos! We only went twice this last year so I actually got to see quite a bit of the streets that we missed thanks so you both!
  18. You said it best, crowds and wait times are completely unpredictable. I would venture to say from experience that Friday and Saturday nights tend to be worse than Sunday. But once again, it's completely a roll of the dice as to what you'll walk into once you are there. If you can afford to do Friday night, then I say go for it...if nothing else, you get an extra night you weren't anticipating.
  19. That's the one night this year that the forecast was actually spot on...and I think historically it rains every opening weekend at some point...but not the terrential rain that everyone had to deal with on opening night.
  20. Especially Orlando weather forecasters...they are more often wrong than right. And don't forget, it's Florida, you don't like the weather...wait 10 minutes and it'll change...
  21. Hush

    HHN 22: Gothic

    THESE are the kind of teenagers that I'd love to beat the living crap out of...or at the very least clothesline them when they try to run past me. I have to give you kudos for the elbow throwing. Happy to hear that this house wound up being a favorite sans the annoying youngsters
  22. Fantastic pictures and video! It's nice to get a glimpse at what we missed on employee preview night and makes me excited to see it all come together finally. Looking forward to seeing it in person!
  23. Ten new sneak peak photos from the new season via the AMC website: http://blogs.amctv.com/photo-galleries/the-walking-dead-season-3-episode-photos/episode-1-group-fight.php These make me very happy
  24. Right now Florida residents can park for free after 6pm...whether or not that includes HHN event nights, I'm unsure. Radio ad for CityWalk was just on and stated this, but also said restrictions apply...so those restrictions might include HHN evenings.
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