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  1. We got another one. "Six degrees are all I need to ensure that your minds Bake." "On to the next and we will see if you have what it <deleted>." Love seeing you all speculate!
  2. I understand, thank you. Lol I knew it was a ridiculous question but I thought I'd ask.
  3. Question: Could I change 5 dates on my FFP, if I buy at the gate? For example, instead of having the 27th, 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th. Can I use the 28th, 5th, 12th, 19th, and 26th? Forgive me if this is question is silly, I just wanted to know if it were possible. Thanks!
  4. I know this isn't a photo of the event but this reminds me of Lady Luck! This is Christina Hendricks by the way... I just had to share it
  5. I've been looking for a wallpaper like this! I love it, but its way too big could you make it smaller? My stupid computer wont let me do it myself lol.
  6. Hey can someone help me out here? I'm pretty confused... I was in Acid Assault and I asked an actor if I could take a photo of him because I know I wouldnt like getting a random flash in my face. But he kindly said "were not allowed". But I see so many others taking photos plus look at this thread lol.Are they really not allowed? or was that his way of saying he doesnt want his picture taken, which I totally respect. I'm not a newbie im just curious and confused because I've never heard of this at HHN before. Thanks!
  7. Sorry if someone has mentioned this but I really would love to see Courtney Strodden in B&T this yr. For those who don't know who she is, shes the 16 yr old who married 51 yr old Doug Hutchinson. Lol this chick is just effin weird. Look at those facial expressions! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uiIwodrnW9g I can see it coming but then again I dont know if a lot of ppl would regonize but I still think it'd be funny as hell.
  8. Oh that sounds neat. Didn't think of a zombie Gaga. I do like this look though http://ultimate-ladygaga.org/displayimage.php?pid=45637&fullsize=1 But with blood all over me
  9. Lol Hugh Heffner. I really wanted to be a zombie this year but I also really want to go Gaga. Can never makeup my mind.
  10. For those who aren't working for HHN this year, are you dressing up for Halloween? I wanna know about your costume! I love discussing Halloween costumes. I can't do this with my friend's because they think it's too early, lol. I am going to be Lady Gaga btw. What look do you all think would look best on me? Here is me- And I am thinking about doing one of these looks- 1.) 2.) 3.) 4.) 5.) I'd like to hear all your opinions. Thanks everyone xx
  11. Hello there Mr. Timeout. I want to apologize to you...I said (not sure on what page) on here that you could just be a troll and that "Who is this guy anyway?". I didn't have a right to say that, because you clearly know what your talking about lol. And you are a really nice person as I can tell. So I'm sorry. I too can't wait to see what info you give out within the next couple months!
  12. Boy do I agree about those damn ops. I'm sorry but they do really piss me off. I was walking through Catacombs and this lady was telling me to go faster, and in my mind (excuse my language) I was saying, "Bitch there are people in front of me, what do you want me to do? Walk over everybody?" Though I'm sure they come in handy if something bad ever happens. Say a fight with the scareactors or something.
  13. I really would like for HHN to bring back a TCM house. I never got to go into it back in 07. Even though I know it wont happen...oh well lol wishful thinking. Anyway, I know Uni wont disappoint next year. They never do!
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