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  1. Icon: The Actress. a decomposing fading actress who was once in love with the director but he killed her in one of his snuff films and even in death she still longs for his love media gift: a bloody oscar and a film roll tagline: "this is her final CUT" scarezones: ゴースト(ghost)-Japanese urban legends. Killer geishas, noh mask, hone-onna, human pillar, girl with cut mouth. american horror story 1-5:photo op zone each season has a mini stage with its most iconic character Nightingales- apocalypse: set in new york. the military and the nightingales are in a bloody battle. the weather and lighting are constantly changing from snow to dry heat. horror wood drive in: blood rave- kids broke into the old dilapidated drive in to throw a rave little did they know at night the movies come to life basically univeral monsters remix the younger crowds would love it it could be the "fun" zone of the year and set at mess drive in. when you venture deep into central park thats where the black and white monsters will be The actress: mini stage by main gate with men in tuxedos with their tinges cut out roming horde: tuxedo chainsaws IP Houses: Scream Queens: sprung ten with elaborate sorority facade more of a comedy house AHS 1-5: mega house with the most terrifying scenes from all 5 seasons going from most recent, hotel all the way back to murder house Ash VS the evil dead: nuff said The forest: new movie coming out about the suicide forest in japan could be cool and also could tie in with he Japanese legends zone The Conjuring: could include sense from both movies as well as annabelle Origanal houses: Silver Screams: Resurrection- set in the universal palace theatre the ghost of the actress can be seen at times but only for a second. films could be; Krampus, You're next,the sixth sense (kitchen scene and the boys fort with little girl), carrie but set in a movie theater as a transition to children of the corn, the exorcist, the descent, psycho. Grown evil- set in the botanicals gardens revels the backstory of how the plants came to life Psychodellic- Gory 3-D house with a satanic family ( think manson family) that is sacrificing people to conjure demons for their own gain) set in the 60's and the mama's and the papas' could be play the whole way through The legendary truth: the unknown - aliens even though this may never happen i think it would be a killer event and help horror nights lol
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