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  1. Well, this year they were selling these little Jack The Clown skull plaques that say HHN and a fully colored Jack bust in the Prop store. Maybe they’re teasing the return of Jack for HHN 30????
  2. BIG MOOD! After 5 years of looking I finally got my hands on a Jack The Clown mask from HHN 25
  3. So I was finally able to take the production tour of The Mummy during HHN 28 and I come to find out that it has a lot more hidden secrets that people haven’t discovered. In this video I uncovered all the Easter eggs of The Mummy including a few Kongfrontation Easter eggs
  4. So something really interesting happened to me during this years HHN. I finally got an interactive Sirius Black wand and I decided maybe it could defend me against the dark arts that was loose at the park that night. So a clown with a chainsaw decided to come at me and I cast petrificus totalus and this happened...
  5. So a few weeks ago, when I went and set the world record for ET Adventure, I visited a store I’ve been dying to visit for a while Williams Hollywood Prop Store. I love collecting props. Whether it’s game used sports memorabilia or movie used props I love collecting history. So I asked the shop keeper if he had anything of ET and he said just some cards. So I bought the cards. Later when I get back to Miami, I’m rewatching the video when I recognize a small truck sitting in the corner of the store. It was the toy truck from the ET Adventure store. I was furious with myself and I didn’t know how I didn’t see that when I was there. So, not wanting to live with the regret that I missed out to own a piece of ET history (I already have enough regret not buying the Jack mask at HHN a few years back) I contact a guy on eBay who buys all types of props from the store (and luckily for me that day I had sold a Lebron jersey for $100). We came to an agreement and he went to Universal and bought the truck and a lanyard. So now I own a piece of my favorite ride. Now I have one question, WHERE IN THE BLUE HELL AM I GONNA PUT THIS? Lmao it’s a lot bigger than I expected.
  6. Part 2 of my Universal Vlog. I visit Island of Adventure. Part 1 was me riding ET 56 times in one day. Which I posted in its own thread
  7. 2 years later has anyone been able to find one?
  8. I’ve been trying to grow out the beard but as you can see it’s not going too well lmao thank you btw
  9. Thank you! Definitely one of my crowning achievements. Hopefully people will talk about this for a long time and in turn gets more people to ride the ride. I definitely want my kid to ride it one day! I actually sent a copy of this video to Spielberg. I’m praying to God it gets to him. Trust me I’ve seen all the classic Universal Monster movies. From Bela Lugosi in Dracula to Lon Chaney Jr in The Wolfman. I would check out books on the Universal Monsters from my middle school library and read up on them. I’ve been to the Monsters Cafe countless times it’s my favorite restaurant. I have a brick from the restaurant I bought from the prop store. Even though I said I didn’t know believe me I was well aware of what I was looking at LMAO
  10. I don’t know where exactly to post this but I set a world record this weekend! I rode ET Adventure 56 times in ONE DAY!
  11. What do you guys think of this? Chainsaw Charlie. The story of chainsaw Charlie is the story of a young boy who decides to go to a local Halloween haunt on Halloween. He was dressed up as a skeleton and had a pumpkin pale. The boy was a big horror movie fan. He loved them all Freddy, Jason, Saw, he loved all types of horror movies but his favorite was Michael Myers. So little Charlie decides to go to his local haunt on Halloween night because he had nothing else to do. He had no friends. He was mostly a loner. So he goes through the haunt and he enjoys every second of it but that enjoyment would soon turn to agony and pain. See unbeknownst to Charlie and the people running the haunt, they forgot to take out the chain from one of the chainsaws. Charlie reached the end of the house where the actor with the chainsaw was and he fired up the chainsaw and began to swing at Charlie. The actor, thinking the chain was off and the chainsaw was safe, got a little to close to Charlie's face slashing his face and part of his neck. Charlie soon began to bleed out of his neck and face. He had a big scar running diagonally across his face. The employees of the haunt soon called 911 and Charlie laid there on the floor waiting for an ambulance. Once the ambulance finally arrived Charlie was dead. He had bled out. Charlie soon was taken to the hospital where they would attempt to revive him. It was no use he was gone. The next day the nurses at the hospital discovered that Charlie's body was missing. They looked everywhere in the hospital for him but they couldn't find him. Later on that week, a series of murders began to go around the town. First the actor who was responsible for Charlie's death was killed, then the haunt owner, and soon enough everyone who was working at the haunt had died. All in the span of 3 weeks. Police and investigators were baffled. The killer left no DNA whatsoever and all the victims had the same injury, a scar on their face and a slit throat. The police concluded that this couldn't be one person doing all of this there had to be more. Soon the police would get a surprise of their own. After a late night Krispy Kreme run, one of the two officers working late at the police department had come back to see his partner dead in his office. On the wall in blood was written "Hello Mister Police, carelessness cost me my life. NOW I RAISE HELL!" And raise hell he did. Soon strange things began to occur. Kids began seeing a man in a hat and striped sweater and clawed glove in their dreams, a man was killed while fishing in a lake near his home with his fishing rod shoved through his eye and out his head, a man with a white mask and a kitchen knife was spotted in the window of an abandoned house near Charlie's home, and a strange laugh, almost from a Halloween decoration, was heard from a warehouse in the town. Yet when the police arrived there was nothing. Soon enough people began to report that in the haunted house where Charlie was killed, now abandoned, they would hear a chainsaw. Police soon raid the now abandoned haunt and they couldn't believe what they saw. They broke down the door with a battering ram and standing in the house were Freddy Kruger, Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, Jigsaw, and a boy with a skeleton hoodie and a white mask with tears coming down his face and a slit throat and holding a chainsaw. The boy says "Hello Mister Police, you finally found me. Have you met my new friends?" The police tells him to get down on the ground and drop the chainsaw. He refuses. The police begin to fire but the bullets have no effect on Charlie. He revs up the chainsaw and he begins to slaughter the SWAT team one by one. He slaughters them all but one. The officer begins to be "Please no I have a family please have mercy on me." Charlie takes off his hoodie and mask to reveal his scars on his face and neck. He says "Bye Bye mister police." and slaughters the officer. Now Charlie and the rest of the Icons run the house and whoever dares enter will be slaughtered.
  12. I wasn't trying to be big and bad. I looked at the map but I looked at it near the end of the night looking for my last 2 houses. You just gotta have fun with it man.
  13. This house for me wasn't bad. It's just the scareactors looked like total fools with that funny looking hairline hat. They should have just gone full mask. I was laughing at those hairline hats the whole time.
  14. There's one piece of merch that nobody has mentioned. The official HHN basketball. These can only be obtained by hitting one shot in the basketball game near Krustyland. They don't sell them anywhere else in the park or the store. Luckily since I have the aim and range of Steph Curry I was able to win one and it looks dope. I'm not gonna use it. I'm just gonna have it as a display piece in my room. https://ibb.co/kjrJo6
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