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  1. The Walking Dead is probably coming back. It sucks, but the show is insanely popular and it draws people. I would love to see a new icon this year, but I think that's unlikely. Universal is more likely to try and cash in on a known icon. Since they just did Jack, I think the Caretaker taking over would be cool but the Jack vs. Eddie idea is great if they run with it. Just give Jack a rest after, I love Jack a lot but in a way he is kind of TWD of icons. Legendary Truth is probably getting a house, The Conjuring is looking like an early lock. My biggest wish is that they have been working on fixing the problems with Scream to get it this year, but that probably will not happen.
  2. This house is cool, but not scary in the slightest. Kind of like AVP last year.
  3. This house is probably the worst I've been through. I've only been going for a few years but damn man...I think The Walking Dead has more than run it's course.
  4. This is a poor house. I like the idea behind it, but it was executed very poorly and for some reason it just lacks scares.
  5. This house is one of the best in recent memory that managed to scary and incredibly badass at the same time. The ending to me is slightly disappointing but this house is so damn much fun.
  6. I think this house is massively overrated. It's definitely an awesome house, but I don't think it's my favorite this year and I don't get why it's getting the best reviews of any house of all time. For one, for a house that is supposed to be about 25 years of HHN they only actually pay tribute to houses done in the past 5-10 years. Secondly, I just prefer a house under one theme that plays out as you go through. I'd rank it 3rd this year and it still is a top 15 house at worst for me all time, but it doesn't get me the same way it has others.
  7. Halloween and Dollhouse of the Damned were great. Halloween is my current favorite house of all time. I thought last year's Bill & Ted was better than this year. I think The Purge was a great scare zone and Bayou of Blood had potential ruined by the event's sissification. However the middle houses were just okay, AVP was a major disappointment to me because the Xenomorphs are so terrifying to me but the house wasn't scary. It was cool as hell, but not scary. From Dusk Till Dawn was one of my least favorite houses of all time. In general, HHN24 was a solid year and it was a step in the right direction for the event. Actual scare zones alone made it a good step forward.
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