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  1. How does it feel to always be sad? I hope you smile once in a while
  2. I fully agree that a compilation Hitchcok house could be fantastic. There's enough iconic scary scenes in his filmography to make a really interesting house, if and only if they abandon some house tropes. It couldn't be tremendously dark and it couldn't be tremendously loud. It would have to be heavy on atmosphere and light on in your face scares, which leads me to believe they won't go for it. Still, it could be really cool if they were careful.
  3. I would love to see Bloodengutz back in some form, whether as the icon or just in a sequel house. Great character and a strong premise. I know RUN went for the whole 80's thing this year, but I'd like to see something a little more overt. Maybe some kind of house set in an 80's arcade. Make it scary and fun and colorful, but not necessarily 3D. I'm not sure if HHN has ever touched on the Civil War, but thats something I think could be very intense. And this is really just wild wishful thinking here, but I would love to see Pink Floyd's The Wall made into a house. I know it would never happen, but I can't help but think about how amazing it could be. The animated segments of the movie have plenty of crazy looking characters to use, the soundtrack is already written, and I can't help but imagine how creepy it could be to walk down a hall made entirely of those iconic white bricks with that equally iconic riff playing on an endless loop. Again,this is just blind wishful thinking on my part. I think we all enjoy a little armchair imagineering once in a while.
  4. All I really want out of a new icon is an interesting female icon. I couldn't care less what she did, just as long as she's as interesting as her male counterparts and doesn't get lost in a copyright battle.
  5. I really want to recognize every scareactor on Nov 1, the last night. Everyone was just so full of energy and it was an amazing send off to an amazing year. I especially want to mention every single person in Die In and Icons. Both Die In casts were really gunning for people hard, and the Purgers spent so much time messing with me and some friends. I stuck around to see the last 2 kills for all the Icons and they just gave it their all, particularly both casts for the Usher. Both of them covered themselves in blood in fun and creative ways and said some very personal goodbyes to me. Overall it was just a fantastic zone with some amazing and fun talent in there. Not the scariest, but by far the most fun and entertaining.
  6. I was lucky enough to be the last person through this house last night! Shout out to the awesome guy I met in line, I know he's on this forum and I'm still waiting for him to text me his name! It it was pretty magical to be there for the end. I got every scare, a bear dance, and almost every time I waved at an actor, they waved back. What an ending.
  7. In Carnival of Carnage they briefly play The Greatest Show Unearthed by Creature Feature. It starts right after Amanda says "You're all a bunch of freaks!"
  8. I have to say, I really like this house. I think a big part of it is the music, which I find extremely fun and fitting. I've been listening to it on Spotify all month. I think a lot of the appeal to this house is personal interests. I really really love just how trippy it is, and that kind of disorientation it super cool to me. But, I can totally see how someone who doesn't really care for that aesthetic wouldn't care for it. I'd say this is one of the more divisive houses of the year.
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