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  1. SCAREZONES: 1. Trick 'R Treat- I mean, who here HASN'T BEEN WAITING FOR THIS TO HAPPEN!? Although it's not a house, if the scare zone kills (which I'm willing to bet it will) then we can only hope and pray for a house next year. I may have to break my rule of not taking pictures with the actors so I can have a picture with Sam. 2. Alters of Horror- It's actually really an interesting scare zone to have a mashup of everything waiting for you inside the houses. Although this may be a scheme to have more pictures posted online (of things such as Sinister, Insidious, AHS, Saw), I'm excited to see how it's planned out. 3. Festival of the Deadliest- I feel like this will end up being the best scare zone, however I'm a little skeptical. It may be like Esqueleto Muerte but without all the showy lights and more scares. 4. Invasion! - I hope this is really cool. I just am always disappointed with alien stuff and don't find it scary. Hopefully the 1955 retro aspect makes this amazing, because that's all I'm holding on to! 5. The Purge- Done it before. Also, seeing it in a house and having it's own scare zone I'm not that excited. Of course Election Year had great masks and people, I'm still not expecting too much. Hate to say it, but I feel like The Purge is becoming the new TWD. HOUSES: 1. Horrors of Blumhouse- I don't get scared too easily during movies. Sinister makes me tear up when I think about it. Honestly, I've been waiting for a house to scare me enough to make me feel nervous and I think this will do it. Insidious is also an old favorite of mine (since the house a couple years ago). The Purge I can do without, however I'm excited for it. 2. Saw: The Games of Jigsaw- I've been rewatching all 7 Saws this past week and it still reigns as my favorite franchise ever. I want this house to be even more gory than my first year (2009) and to have the same last room (I still remember that room with the most vivid memory)! 3. Ash Vs. Evil Dead- This is one of my favorite tv shows and I'm so excited for this house. I'm not sure if it will focus more on the movies or the show, even though I believe it will be more show. This will probably be the fun house, which usually makes it go to the top, so we will have to see my rankings after going! 4. Scarecrow: The Reaping- My guess: think Gothic with scarecrows and during the Dust Bowl. Hopefully this doesn't go so western that it makes me think "WHERE'S MY GOLD". 5. AHS- I loved last years maze, which I'm shocked cause I didn't think it would be so amazing. This year has Roanoke, Asylum and Coven, which are arguably the best seasons. Super excited. 6. The Shinning- Okay, I still have to watch this movie and that's why it's so low. I would not rate it, however I do have some excitement because I know of the maze, Redrum, and the Twins. I'm watching this movie next week before I go, so maybe that will change my mind on it's ranking. 7. The Fallen- I'm really excited about this because it's you stuck in the middle of a war. I love these kind of mazes and it sounds really intriguing. I'm not sure what to expect, which makes it more enticing to go in. 8. Hive- Vampires are cool. I just never really get scared by them. Hopefully this year that changes. 9. Dead Waters- I have a lot of mixed feelings on this. Bayou of Blood was mediocre, and considering this is sort of the same thing than that's all I can expect. I feel like it may come in and surprise everyone, however I'm not too excited about it. HOS has the same type of voodoo swamp theme every year and they do it very cheesy but perfect. I just hope HHN doesn't copy it and make it exactly like it. PS. Making this list just made me realize that I'm actually really really excited for every house this year. We have a nice balance of old/new stuff and IP/Original houses. Going to be an amazing year!
  2. For me it's: 1. AHS: Loved this show since the beginning- although it may not be that scary, I think it'll be awesome seeing characters throughout the years. The downside is the line is going to be massive every night. 2. Chance: I love Chance and I love clown houses. Def will be the funny maze. 3. TCM: Never been through a TCM house and I love chainsaws (Leave it to Cleaver has to be one of my all time favorites). 4. Halloween II: Okay, Halloween I (two years ago) was the scariest house I've ever been in. That being said, I don't want to hype this up too much so that I'm disappointed. 5. Krampus: Love this movie. Hope the house lives up to it! 6. Tomb of the Ancients: Honestly sounds okay, but I have a feeling it'll be a sleeper this year. 7. The Walking Dead: Same every year, but knowing it's the last one I feel they will go out with a bang. 8. The Exorcist: It'll be cool... I mean it's a good movie. Feel like I need to rewatch it before going. 9. Ghost Town: Now I know it's a fan favorite, but I have no idea what to expect. The explanation doesn't seem intriguing enough for me to really get into it. Overall: I don't find any house to be lackluster. After rating them, I found out that I kept saying "this is my 2nd, oh wait! There's still ____ left!" So basically this is the strongest line up in HHN in a lot of years. That being said it's mainly IPs which is good and bad.
  3. Ehhhhh... I don't know if more is better. There are pros and cons for more and there are pros and cons for less. The pros for more are: More houses, less wait times, more things to do, more ideas that they can use. Cons: less specific items/details in a house, less time to make the houses, ques take up space, more things to do (in a limited amount of time). Pros for less: more details, more room for SZ, more focus on core of houses. Cons: Less ideas being public, longer lines, not enough things to do. Right now, as it is, it is very hard to do all 8 houses in a single night unless you have express. For common HHN goers, more wouldn't be a huge problem as you can do more over a number of weeks. For one-night HHN goers, more means express is a must (which I believe it is already with 8) and it means less time to enjoy your surroundings because you are trying to finish everything. Ofcourse not every one-night HHN goers would choose to see all houses (9/10) and would probably choose all the IP houses, but I still feel that it's a toss up. Honestly I would like more houses as long as it could be pulled off. Which I doubt that they wouldn't be able to pull it off.
  4. I did not know where to put this but I thought this would be the best place? I was wondering if anyone knows any website or place I buy classic HHN Merch. I'm talking about Event Maps, Shirts, Table signs, etc. Really anything HHN related. I've looked on ebay and I have seen some things but I was looking for some other places to get the really rare items. Does anyone know a website or place? Thank you! P.S. I'm doing this to 1. create a big collection (I have all event maps/shirts/tickets/pins from 19-24 excluding the 21 pin which if anyone knows a place I can buy I would LOVE it since I lost my pin this year) and more specifically 2. I'm going to theme my room HHN with as much merch I can find. So thats why if even there are standees, I would be interested!
  5. Also I know it is a different country with different social views on what is appropriate and what is not, but does any one think they would ever make a house based off the house in Singapore called "Jing's Revenge" ? I know it is a HUGE stretch since it is about a school girl who committed suicide due to bullying and now as a ghost comes back to haunt people which is a pretty gruesome tale that even makes me a little uneasy. The thing is, this house seems so so so scary. It reminds me of the Orfan (which I loved). Also Singapore has a house/scarezone called Boogyman which is exactly what it sounds like: A scare zone with house-like resemblances. If you look at a video online of this zone it is literally the best thing I have seen at any HHN. There are major problems with it though: you can only enter one way (imagine this on peak night with people trying to go through the back entrance), you have enclosed scare zone which sort of is hazardous, and the only place I could think of that this would work is in the Alley (forgetting the name) or the back way of Central Park, which would also be a major problem for guests during the day and if they would take in props or keep them out. It is a very cool idea that I am praying for though!
  6. I believe they will do at LEAST one of these houses: HP Lovecraft House Stephen King House NOES House Friday the 13th House Icon house (kind of like 20 years of fear house but with strictly icons) I believe they will bring slashers since Halloween has been a huge hit this year. Whenever I hear that I think of 2007 and then I remember that was 7 years ago. I feel like that was just a couple years ago! I know they have said before they will not bring back past icons, but it's 25 years. We also have never had a Lady Luck house or a Fear house. I'm thinking 4 IP and 4 Original but I would not be shocked if it got as crazy as 7 IP and 1 Original. Can we expect an icon for this year? Should we expect an icon this year?
  7. whoops that was my bad, for some reason got sweet 16 and 2004 when they did both parks mixed up (i'm so embarrassed ). Yeah I would've loved sweet 16 looking back at it, but the year it had both parks open 2004 NOT 2006 I heard was horrible and had a lot of dead space.
  8. Although this would so cool and amazing, I don't think it would go well with the GP... I mean just going through school everyone asks what was your favorite house/zone and imagine having the confusion of a different one every night. Not only that, but personally I would feel ripped if they did something I wanted to see on a night that I could not make it. I just feel that this would cause a major problem. Now I know this is a very very VERY slim chance of ever happening, and I could be wrong but I think someone has said this idea before, have IOA and Uni be two separate events and have Uni be all Icons and original houses while IOA be filled with IP houses and zones. The problem with this is most people will only go to the IP/IOA event and the more diehard fans to the Uni/Original night. Plus this will mean double the amount of workers and double the amount of money to run the houses and rides. Plus again this would confuse so many people with "which one should I buy?" and "what if I bought the IOA ticket but want to also go to Uni on the same night?" I mean it can be done, looking back to sweet 16 (which I heard sucked). Also then diehard fans would have to go two nights because lets be real here, who wouldn't go to both parks to see how they run?
  9. I got that ballerina main scare in the first run and after that EVERYTIME I went through the house I ran past her cause I was so creeped out by her. The last room got the person in front of me 2/3 times so I knew what happened.
  10. I just really don't like the kids idea. I do hate a lot of kids that go to the event, but the same exact debate can be brought up with the sale of alcohol. So many drunk adults is a very annoying thing when you have obnoxious drunks. I think it should be if you're younger than 16 then you need an adult with you, which wouldn't be such a bad idea. I mean I'm 16 and I always go with my mom and friend's moms (it's a tradition). When my group does something stupid like scream at the scare actors and I make sure they know they are being stupid and to stop so it really shouldn't be based on age but the problem is really the maturity level of the crowds.
  11. 6th year of HHN! Before you read this review, there will probably be some spoilers so YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! (I will do most houses at least twice, with the exception of maybe TWD and AvP.) Night One I got to the park at 7/7:10. Went straight to see the line for AvP (60 minutes) and saw Dracula with a 10 minute wait, decided to go in. Dracula Untold: Reign of Blood: Run One Don't listen to every body who hates this house. I loved it. It had certain techniques that made it cool and very interesting. The only problem with this house is I wasn't really scared. The only part that got me was Dracula eating his victim, and that was because the actors were so into the role. The actors in this house were very pumped and I liked it a lot. Going again tonight at least once, maybe me. Wait times did not exceed 30 minutes. Scares: 2/5 Atmosphere: 5/5 Overall: 3/5 After Dracula, I went straight to Giggles & Gore. Giggles & Gore: Run One This was a great house. That being said, it was great nothing more. I was expecting this to be a crazy and fun house, and it was fun and some craziness but I was expecting more. Maybe I hit it at a bad time, but it did give me a fantastic scare if not scare of the night. I loved this house but I was expecting more. Scares: 3/5 Atmosphere: 4/5 Overall: 4/5 After Giggles I went to Bill & Ted Bill & Ted: It was... good. I don't think it was the best B&T in recent years, it was a lot of "Oh look, its _________! What are you doing here?" and they explain something they did that was stupid. It was a good show just I don't think it was fantastic. It's worth seeing though if you have express and can take the time to see the show. Laughs: 3/5 Overall: 2/5 After B&T I went to Roanoke since Halloween had a 75 minute wait all night. Roanoke: Run One Another house that I was looking so forward to. It's not the actors fault that this house doesn't succeed as much as it should. It's just really short and it could have been so cool. The best part of the house is how amazingly decorative everything is and obviously the guy being burned. Nothing crazy but I am probably going to hit this house multiple times tonight since last night I did not see a wait longer than 15 minutes for this house. Scares: 2/5 Atmosphere: 6/5 Overall: 3/5 After Roanoke I went to From Dusk Till Dawn From Dusk Till Dawn: Run One So far my favorite house. I don't know if it had to do with timing, but the actors were so on point in this house. So energetic and having a great time. I love the show so this house I'm a little biased, but I just love it. The scenery is my favorite of the night too. It's all great and for some reason everyone I went with loved the smell in this house... It smelt just a bar would. Scares: 4/5 Atmosphere: 5/5 Overall 5/5 After FDTD I went to Dollhouse. Dollhouse of the Damned: Run One This house was amazing. It was beautiful and creepy. The only problem I had is that is just that: creepy. I was not really scared besides the fact that I was creeped out. Nothing really really scary besides the last room. Hopefully I can do this multiple times tonight to look at everything. Scares: 3/5 Atmosphere:4/5 Overall: 4/5 We did scare zones throughout the night and went through each one at least twice besides Face Off. The Purge: I love this zone. It's crazy. The actors blend in and at the last minute you realize they are there, they are in your face. What really made this zone amazing was the auction. Not the actually auction but afterwords... OMG everyone went running for their lives. It honestly feels like you are being hunted. Scares: 5/5 Atmosphere: 5/5 Overall: 5/5 Maskerade: This is a classic HHN zone. It's a really good zone but not really scary. I went through this zone the most and did not get scared once. It isn't the actors fault but I just don't find the outfits scary. Scares: 1/5 Atmosphere: 3/5 Overall: 2/5 Bayou of Blood: I just have so man problems with this zone. Yes, it is put well together. The problem is there is so much fog! I could not see where I was going multiple times and I walked into a lot of people who were walking the opposite direction. The actors are good but they need to tone down the fog and then it will be better. Scares: 3/5 Atmosphere: 2/5 Overall: 2/5 Face Off: I really liked this scare zone. As a big fan of Face Off, it was cool seeing designs that I feel like I have a personal connection with. I actually got my biggest scare in this zone when one of the "sack" face actors jumped out and I had no idea they were there. Those actors are CREEPY. I feel this is a very photo zone where it's just a bunch of people taking pictures, but it was very good besides that. Scares: 4/5 Atmosphere:4/5 Overall: 4/5 So I left the park at around 11:30, when it started to pour. I am going tonight and this time with express so I will def do all houses. I am also doing AP night, so I'll do Dollhouse at least two more times and Halloween twice. Trying to AvP and Halloween twice tonight. I'll be back! Night Two: I started this night at the AP event. Just so you know if you are thinking about doing AP night next year, DO IT. It was 100% worth it. So I knew to run to Halloween, and I forget who and I will put the username in a second but someone on here said to do Dollhouse and then wait for Halloween to open... THANK YOU. You let me go through the best house I've ever been in twice. So I started out with dollhouse Dollhouse of the Damned: Run Two and Three: I did this house right when we came in and then later again with express. I really do love this house. I got a new scare the second time I went through with the mummy-in-the-wall room which I did not see until then. By the third time, I saw everything and was very happy with the house. It's creepy but I was never really as scared as I wanted to be. But this house is one of my favorites of the year. What was even more cool was after the 1st run of the night I met T.J. outside Scares: 4/5 Atmosphere: 5/5 Overall: 4.5/5 Halloween: Run One and Two: House of the year past 6 years. Honestly, this was the first house I have ever been in where I feared my life. Not to mention in line for the second run I met the one and only Mike Aiello! This house, I mean OH MY GOD. Scare of the year for me, was the first run I was walking into the room where it is a corner and you have to open the curtains(?) to move into the room but there is a scare actor boo hole in front of you and you just turn. It's a quick room and it was the most perfect timing since I lead the group and I still shake thinking about it. I opened up the curtains (the blinds they put going into the room) and right there I see and I didn't know what to do. I actually grabbed the curtain, curled up holding it, and stuffed my face into the curtain cause I couldn't run (scare actor was in the way) and I couldn't comprehend what happened so I stood there and screamed. That was my favorite moment of the night. I have NEVER been that scared at any halloween event. With the facade, it was perfect. It was much cooler at night but if you can go through this house as many times as you can. Both runs this was the best house. Most perfect house I've ever seen. P.S. Ending made me RUN and the only bad part was I lost my HHN 21 pin in this house or probably running in the end... Scares: 10/5 Atmosphere: 10/5 Overall: 10/5 Alien VS Predator: Run One I don't have any thing to say on this. This is exactly the AWIL from last year except it had less scares and cooler puppets sets. It just didn't hit me like it did compared to other reviews I read. I believe it was the timing I went and I tried to do it again but no one in my group wanted to go in the house again (we went the night before and walked universal/IOA/Citywalk all day) so everyone wanted to either go back to the hotel or go watch B&T which I did the night before and didn't love so I went back to the hotel. I got literally no scares. This was the only house of the even that that had happened. Now the puppets are beautiful and creepy, but AWIL pulled it off a lot better. I still believe it was timing because I only saw one or two predators and they were in their boo holes. Wish I did this two times. Scares: 1/5 Atmosphere: 5/5 Overall: 2/5 Dracula: Run Two After a second time, I still love this house. I got a real good jump out of this house as right when I passed a scare actor they popped out and I went running. This house just gave me flashbacks at one of my favorites: Dracula in '09. Scares: 3/5 Atmosphere: 5/5 Overall: 4/5 Giggles & Gore Inc.: Run Two I went in this house when it was light out this time. That being said, I saw every actor from the moment I walked into the room. It was much creepier, but it was less scary because I really only get scared from the loud noises and jump scares. I still love this house, but go when it's dark or you will see every detail which has it's advantages and disadvantages. Scares: 3/5 Atmosphere: 4/5 Overall: 4/5 The Walking Dead: Run One This was the first house I had to use express on (roughly 8 pm). Honestly I walked into this house with flashbacks of the horrible and dreadful mazes of the past two years... FINALLY THEY HAVE DONE IT. Yes, I actually liked loved this house. It was great. The gag that was in HHNH last year and now in this one sort of ruined the affect, but I really loved it. Now was I really scared? I don't find zombies to be scary. But that ending is so much fun. I mean it's cool and you get that feeling of being trapped. You MUST go through this house at night (due to the last outside area). Scares: 3/5 Atmosphere: 5/5 Overall: 4/5 From Dusk Till Dawn: Run Two: Still the most energetic house. Same feeling as before, but first run was more fun. The last room is awesome. Scares: 4/5 Atmosphere: 5/5 Overall: 5/5 Roanoke: Run Two: Got in the house during a cast change. That messed up room as there was no actors at all (the only part that scared me the first run) so it wasn't any better. It was still great, but I noticed maybe one or two different things. Scares: 2/5 Atmosphere: 5/5 Overall: 3/5 Houses In order from favorite to least favorite: 1. Halloween 2. Dollhouse of the Damned 3. From Dusk Till Dawn 4. The Walking Dead 5. Dracula 6. Giggles & Gore Inc. 7. Roanoke 8. AvP Scarezones in order from favorite to least favorite: 1. Purge 2. Face Off 3. Maskerade 4. Bayou of Blood OVERALL REVIEW OF THE EVENT The BEST year I have ever been to. The only year where I was not disappointed with a house. Honestly they have outdone themselves.
  12. So I got to do 5 houses tonight (not AvP, Halloween, and TWD) and got inside at 7/7:10. Great night, lines were not horrible besides TWD and AvP who had at least 60 minute waits all night and Halloween had even longer when I saw the times. Kind of jumped around tonight- did Dracula, Giggles, B&T, Roanoke, FDTD, and then Dollhouse. Longest wait was Giggles and it was 30 minutes because the line was stopped for a while. And about the age limit, I know it's annoying having little kids but I just don't think that's fair. My first HHN, I was 10. Yes, I didn't look in really any house and I was scared out of my mind, but it was something I loved. So I really don't think it's fair to have an age limit UNLESS it was an extreme event, which we all know as scary as HHN is, it is not an EXTREME haunt event with touching and grabbing. Personally I believe they toned it down this year, well the past couple of years they have. I mean what happened to houses like the Body Collectors!?!??!
  13. I mean Fallon did come for the show during the summer, maybe they are doing it since he will probably have the event on his show? Idk maybe it is meant for him or for people to look it up after the show to go watch Fallon's show
  14. anyone know the show times for friday night (september 26)?
  15. So I see from basically every review besides a couple that this is the least favorite... I'm not letting that influence me and I'm going in with a big expectation but I am so disappointed with the reviews for what I thought would be the HOTY
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