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  1. Does any one have informations on which houses are included in the Am tour and which are in the PM? I'm attending soon and I would like to book a half day tour but don't know which one to choose. Thank you
  2. I'm going from France to Miami next weekend and i am going to orlando from Sunday 25th to friday 30th. I am staying at Loew's Portofino and i have all my tickets booked for Hhn on sunday and wednesay with express. In addition of that i have UTH on wednesday for both tours. I was wondering if on thursay i should go to HoS or HHN again, considering that if I go to hos i will go to Busch garden during the afternoon. Second question is about RIP tours, is it worth it compared to express? After doing the houses on the tour, do you have another express for the houses? And do you know if you can use somebody's express in general?( i will be going with somebody whoe doesn't want to go through the houses , i could than use his express) Third question, do any of you know great halloween attractions in Miami or Orlando (other than hhn and hos of course). thanks for helping
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