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  1. Haven't been able to chat with you in a while, but hope you're well. May the force be with you. :)

  2. Does anyone else ever see the subway commercial with the song that played in pyschoscareapy by midnight syndicate and it just makes you think of Halloween Horror Nights and that scare house or is it just me? I cant be the only one...
  3. bummer we couldnt chat in the chat tonight. seems like it will be out of service for a few weeks while they fix a few things. hope all is well. may the force be with you

  4. dont know if mark told you but the chat will be down for a few weeks. bummer I know. thats probably why the chat keeps giving you the shaft

  5. this is like that one episode of the simpsons where Homer J. Simpson goes on this big hunt to find out what the name is to his middle initial is just to find out that the J stands for Jay lol. Anywho though things are quiet in the HHN world I almost expect it probably till atleast we see potterverse under full swing. I wouldnt be shocked if Universal management wants to keep everything quiet so that 100% of the focus of the media and public is on Harry Potter. maybe Harry should give us the first HHN leak hmm....
  6. lol theres alot of us that will be back to work tommorow....
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