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  1. Thank you guys so so much for this and all your hard work!!!! You don't happen to have this album as a downloadable file yet? If not it's totally fine!
  2. Bump! Does anyone have anything regarding Brides of Frankenstein's House with the music they used?
  3. Thank you! Does anyone know the music for Brides or Tooth Fairy and the Beetlejuice part of the tribute store?
  4. Hello all! I was wondering if anyone knew the songs and music that are used in both Revenge of the Tooth Fairy and The Bride of Frankenstein Lives? As well as The Tribute Store? I'm trying to create my own little album for this year's mini event! Thanks guys! Hope all is well!
  5. I attend this event Sunday Night of Opening Weekend... The crowds were crazy huge and nobody was wearing masks or social distancing. The employees were not enforcing anything. The scarezones were meh, but a couple stood out to me! But them not enforcing social distancing and the crowd level being so high was wild and not fun. I didn't feel safe at all.
  6. Hey Gambit! Will we be getting some Wallpaper designs for Revenge of the Tooth Fairy and UM: The Bride of Frankenstein LIVES?
  7. Thank you so much for your hard hard work Gambit!
  8. That wouldn't work as well, because if it's to the side (and side as in the left side if you are facing the gate) that is the operations set up area things and store certain cart things. Then if you mean towards the right, there is a building right there where Entertainment (including Scareactors for the streets) breaks. Sorry to be a debbie downer for that idea, but I'm an Entertainment TM and know that back area very well.
  9. They would never have a Tent behind the gate where the parade starts because SuperStar Parade Steps off there during the day.
  10. It's from 11am-7pm. It's open to everyone, passholders get express access.
  11. The Witch that FLIES at you in the end on the railing is still there. But you just have to make sure you are there at the right moment! That scare is so easy to miss!
  12. Oh! This is exactly it! I knew it sounded familiar!!!! Thank you! I couldn't hear with all the other sounds in the haunted house! Thank you!
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