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  1. That's really odd. It sounds like they had something planned for him (scrim and his position) and something broke or didn't work so they just scrapped the scare and kept him.
  2. So my reaction all day has been an annoyed, uuuggghhh. I know there is a new movie coming out, and it's been a couple of years, but honestly I'm not all that excited for it. I'm worried that a majority of it will be rehashed from the last time.
  3. If Dracula was anything to go by I was guessing scenes of the movie being a house. I do like the prequel thought though.
  4. Cabin in the Woods would be interesting as the Terror Tram, as long as it's not zombie. I'm so glad they started looking at other things to do on the Tram besides zombies. For the tram though what would be cool is something like "Tales from the Crypt," each set is a different story. As for houses, CitW would be great. Hellraiser can be brutal, they can do the house from the first, or the Cenobites world from the second one. And the one I really want and will never get, Bioshock. I will note more than likely we will get a house based around "The Mummy" reboot.
  5. I'm trying to wrap my head around it. The setup sounds fine, it's nice to hear that it's not Zombies, or an IP. Unless, however, they go another route I can just see it be the same with more clowns. Woooo.
  6. I'm actually curious on how this maze would incorporate the snow-globes, especially if they include the ending.
  7. Shows how much I've been paying attention. Still, that should be a good thing. Hopefully no zombies. I know they can do much more than just zombies.
  8. I just saw a trailer for the new Blair Witch movie. Yeah I know. Any chance that the movie would be Terror Tram. I hope not but it occurred to me not long after seeing it. It's a Lionsgate film (because of course it is), so I'm not sure if Murdy or Lionsgate still talk to each other.
  9. That does sound cool. Didn't they use to do this at some point as well?
  10. INFJ My favorite genre is horror, I can't really say why I enjoy horror but I always have, then it's musicals and... what would Disney animated films be under?
  11. I'm cautiously optimistic about it. While I'm not a big fan of the Exorcist film, it does sound good for a house. However as much a Murdy will try to get it right, going theatrical (which in the case of this IP would work better), I can see it go so bad either it will be boring, or something will go wrong, or the some actors will not do so well. It's a fine line.
  12. If that is the case, then I would welcome FvJ. They can only do so much with TCM, and with FvJ they can do something new for the west coast.
  13. I can see them do it, now if it will be good... well. I mean if they do what they did with AWiL it would just be picking out scenes from the beginning to the end. *Sigh* But I do agree, if they went with possession that is not attached to the IP it would open up so much in what they can do.
  14. This may seem like a stretch, and may never happen considering who owns the IP, but I would love a Ghostbusters house. It would not be a particularity scary house, but it would be visually cool. Plus if anyone really wants a 3D house, this would work.
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