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  1. While I do think a Mortal Kombat maze could happen, It either would be awesome, or it would fucking suck. I think we have different visions of what the maze could look like I do think a Doom maze could actually be done very well if enough love and care is put into it.
  2. Sorry about that. I posted this on the Hollywood wishful thinking thread, but does anyone else think a Mortal Kombat house would be awesome?
  3. I didn't buy any of the merch this year since they all were honestly kinda shitty. I did however get the merch from Orlando's event
  4. (sorry for double posting but let me add on to that) However in mainland California there was a secret project in progress. A project to transform the deceased walking dead into an ultimate weapon. Also throw Desert Bus in there too.
  5. In all seriousness, I actually think a Mortal Kombat house would be cool. Not sure how far outside the realm of reality that is, but since its highly likely that John Murdy is leaving for good, maybe the new creative director will be interested in video game mazes.
  6. Murdy's goodbye video leaked online: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=unRldLdllZ8
  7. can you give an exact time stamp? I cant find anyone of the description in the video
  8. Yeah we want Bill And Ted back not these closeted homosexuals with white masks on
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