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  1. If anything it’ll be something the drunk people can gawk at which will help bring the lines down a bit.
  2. This is my most anticipated but I think it could also be the one most likely to disappoint.
  3. Like a horror-themed version of the Cinematic Celebration? Could be interesting, but I'm picturing the traffic jams it'd cause.
  4. EDIT 2 - Looks like they decided to announce Scarezones and AOV now. https://blog.universalorlando.com/whats-new/scare-zone-and-shows-hhn-2019/
  5. When they first announced it was opening a week earlier than normal I was excited but also bummed it wasn't starting on Friday the 13th. Oh also, apparently Scarezones are getting announced this afternoon and Rob Zombie accidentally leaked his early:
  6. Graveyard Games announced! https://blog.universalorlando.com/whats-new/graveyard-games-at-hhn-2019/
  7. Stay-N-Scream will still be there, but it appears they won’t be doing the extra hour for passholders like they’ve done in the past. Usually it’s during the first two Fridays and Saturdays.
  8. UOAPs are starting to get their HHN newsletters in the mail. I haven’t gotten mine yet but it appears they really aren’t doing the Early Access nights like they have done in the past few years. They’re replacing it with a separate UOAP-only entrance at the main gate that’s only open from 2-5PM on event nights in September. That makes me sad. It was always a nice head start to the evening (even though it’s still really hot and bright at 5:30PM).
  9. They're teasing an announcement on Twitter so I'm guessing soon?
  10. And if you thought the queue to the parade buildings was a chore, just wait!
  11. Well Epic Universe has been officially announced. Now that that's out of the way, hopefully we'll be getting the rest of HHN announced sooner than later. Can't believe we're coming up on 5 weeks already!
  12. I’m hoping for some SZ announcements.
  13. I used to get the regular ROF and just add on the Express for the first night, but last year I splurged on the ROF+Express. So worth it. I live a little over an hour away from the park so I don't get to take advantage of every night of the pass, but I go enough to make it worth while. This year 2 passes cost me $671 with my UOAP discount.
  14. Also: 1. Classic Monsters 2. Ghostbusters 3. Depths of Fear 4. Yeti 5. Klowns 6. Us 7. Stranger Things 8. Graveyard 9. Nighingales 10. 1000 Corpses
  15. Apparently the Ghostbusters announcement leaked but it should be officially coming any minute now.
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