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  1. so if you haven't listened to lemon demon/neil cicierga's album Spirit Phone- firstly, you're missing out big time. but it's essentially an 80s horror themed album done in a pretty upbeat and fun style. but now that i think about it, i think that some of the songs from Spirit Phone could make some really fun scenes in a house. now, i don't exactly have a clear idea or anything for this, but i think someone here could probably do something with the idea. so i'm going to go ahead and plonk the album here to see if anyone would be interested in it. and maybe come in and ramble a bit more if i get any real ideas
  2. so as someone whose never personally had the opportunity to attend HHN in person, i've come to see HHN as less of an event and more of a frankensteined mish-mash of a vague narrative. i mean, it has characters w/ motivations and original settings, even if they're mostly used for theming and marketing, so i feel like a deeper dive into the scraps of lore they give us is really fun this, uh, led to me making a lot of dumb fan-icons and detailing my own dumb ideas about how the fictional universe of HHN as like, a story, could actually work i kinda made this thread as both a bit of self-indulgent rambling about my own concepts but also because i really wanna see if Other People do this kinda worldbuilding as well so feel free to add ur own headcanons/worldbuilding of hhn's fictional universe and fan-icons as well (adaru/fear is personally the character ive thought most about, to the extent where i wrote a fic about what i think a possible backstory for him could be. if u wanna read that, that's here: http://archiveofourown.org/works/10989600 ) unsure how much i'll actually, y'know, update this thread but hey it's somewhere to record all this huh. and maybe some people will have fun reading it. idk what im doing at all lmao
  3. so something i've been thinking about for a while now is how HHN could bridge out into doing spin-off stuff that aren't stuff to do with the actual event, but rather use the weird kind of 'lore' behind the icons and the original ips to develop kind of supplementary experiences i mean, disney's haunted mansion got a comic, film and weird ARG/subscription box game thing, and HHN already has a kind of past with story experiences outside of the physical event itself (see the sites for hhn 15, 18, 19, 21, arguably even 20 with that ARG thing they did in fear's reveal, not to mention all the legendary truth stuff), so i think seeing HHN branch into similiar territories would be fun. i would love to see a horror anthology series like tales of the crypt, only using the existing icons and locations and stuff from HHN's original lore obviously all of this is just wishful thinking, but what do you guys think'd be cool? personally i'd love to see the icons be explored more thoroughly as characters rather than just simply faces for hhn, i feel like there's a lot of potential not just because i've already written some fanfiction about hhn no sir
  4. ???!!!!???? am i just seeing clues where there aren't any?? is this just a character for the commercial?? or could she be something more? she definitely fits in with the soul collectors aesthetic that we've seen thusfar
  5. if i had to guess, i'd say it's because malice is supposedly more of an amalgamation of all the spirits who died in the death mall?
  6. i'm pretty sure that the site was using the first one as a placeholder or something. maybe they're a contestant or another judge for Make The Cut?
  7. oops, i was wrong but at least we have the full cast of icons now! thanks dejiki!
  8. OH HEY looks like we know what narcissism looks like now! they're pretty handsome on the surface, though i guess that's what you'd expect huh the minigame for Make The Cut is on the site as well! at least, it seems like it is for me. then again i'm in the GMT timezone so your millage may vary
  9. im honestly just super in love with the idea of a seven-sins themed set of icon characters? i've always been a sucker for that particular theme, and even though i might be jumping the gun a bit here i'm just super excited to see how this whole thing plays out
  10. http://dejiki.com/2017/08/uss-hhn7-guide-event-houses-zones-ticket/ WELL GEE THIS WHOLE ARTICLE SEEMS VERY INTERESTING INDEED YUP
  12. lespectre


    creepypasta is a really broad term imo. i mean seeing as the term is basically a pseudonym for "Any Horror Story Posted On The Internet For The World To See" at this point theres a lot of stuff to trawl through and not all of it is like. particularly good but! there are some Great stories out there. i really like the works of scythemantis/bogleech- his style is more surreal and comedic than a lot of other horror writers and doesn't always take itself seriously, but draws horror from situations tht are Completely Absurd and cartoonish and i find that fascinating, especially in his series Noisy Tenants, which is basically meant to explore wht happens when a regular human person is dropped headfirst into a weird bootleg version of something mundane from our reality (fast foot chains, hospitals, dentists offices etc.) here are two of em! The Burgrr Entries "The first thing I ever saw was one of the pick-up windows. It was just like any other you might see at a fast food place, but it was right on the side of my own god-damn house. Nothing amiss indoors, but outside, half the block was lined up on my front lawn, reading over a glowing menu full of scribbly-looking gibberish and receiving their "meals," if you want to call them that, almost instantaneously. They all acted like it was their usual, mundane lunch stop. Even while the mail lady sucked some rancid looking glop out of a plastic pouch, congealed blood dripping down her chin, she told me it was the "best she'd ever had." All my questions were met with those blank stares and stupid smiles. I couldn't tell who or what was actually handing out the food, or where it was coming from. I could only see blackness... at least that's how I remember it. Maybe I saw something else, but it's gone now. God. And it was only the beginning." the burgrr entries is probably the longest of his stories (tht i can find, anyway). it's actually a collection of 'diary entries' hidden in site that was meant to be a site for the fictional bootleg/parasitic food chain Burgrr. unfortunately the site's dead now, but this is still around. it's basically the diary entries of a guy who's caught up in all of this and seems to be the only one lucid enough to realise that something is horribly wrong. its a monolith and has some fantastic imagery (along with illustrations by the author himself!). and boy the disgusting descriptions are probably the best part. don't read it before, during or just after eating, or if you're really squeamish, this one gets Gross Doctor H.M. Phage, T.E. "I hadn't been to a doctor since grade school, when a bout of pinkeye likely instilled much of my ongoing revulsion towards dirty people and the unknowable contagions wafting from their greasy pits, hairy hippie legs and sticky-fingered children. I barely remembered how to schedule an appointment, and I was more than a little reluctant to admit that much defeat. Nonetheless, by day ten of the same steady symptoms, I called up a rather high priced local clinic - hopefully high priced enough to deter the presence of everyday street trash - scheduled an appointment for the next day, and tucked myself into bed. That was the last thing I remembered before the hospital. At least, that's what I thought it was." this is easily the most comedic and notable part of noisy tenants- it has the same weird gross stuff as the burgrr entries, but it's a lot more downplayed and comedic. it follows the experience of a germaphobic guy who gets sick and winds up in a hospital run by a giant sentient bacteriophage, who also happens to be a doctor. it gets Weird, but it keeps the tone of horror and comedy throughout- its absurd enough to be funny, but wrong enough to be unsettling. its also notable because it not only spawned a sequel, but an ENTIRE WEBCOMIC that manages to be just as charming (if not more!) than the original! oh also he wrote TEH DAY OF ALL TEH BLOOD along with a bunch of other silly joke-pastas
  13. honestly i'm kind of a person who sees "potential in an idea" being exciting so like the VR experience sounds like a super fun concept (obviously there's the possibility of it being little more than a Cheap Gimmick but hey, look at the in-between, it turned the gimmick of 3d houses into a cool experience by being experimental and creative with how the gimmick is implimented) and (as i've already kind of mentioned in the actual threat for the vr thing) i am excited to see how this impacts the industry! it might be a gateway into experimenting with new technology, which i'm pretty excited about! (then again because i live in the uk i've never been to hhn i guess i ought to kind of disclose what i think about Everything Else original that's been revealed so like, here we go (starting with the scarezones) (reminder that i'm judging all of these on the concepts and i'm biased, So) VAMP 55: i'm starting out with my fave idea because i'm biased, uh oh gosh i just love this idea, like i love chance but nothing can top 50s vampire greasers for me. like. nothing. i'm excited to see everyone's experiences with the scareactors bc lord knows there are gonna be some fun stories coming out of this also it reminds me of the movie die-in thing from last year somewhat so basically oh gosh i love this. i love all the comedy houses/scarezones they're dear to my heart BANSHEE'S LAIR: i like the idea of this! largely because of the fact that it seems very fae-inspired. and grown evil inspired. and there's also the fact i love the forest-y kind of horror setting so yeah, THAT CHANCE SCAREZONE?? I'VE ALREADY FORGOTTEN ITS NAME: admittedly i'm not really excited for this one. i mean the asylum thing is... already done to death i guess? i don't know, but chance is in it, so she might be fun SURVIVE OR DIE: i... actually really like the concept for this one, if for no other reason than "i want to make a story out of this concept because this is a fun apocalyptic scenario". then again, that's the same reason i like saws n' steam as well! also i adore the post-apocalyptic aesthetic and the potential for costume designs in this one are fun (mainly because of GAS MASKS, GAS MASKS EVERYWHERE) DEAD MAN'S WHARF: I HOPE WE SEE EVIL MERMAIDS. I REALLY HOPE WE SEE EVIL MERMAIDS. and also it reminds me of the frightanic kind of. BUT MOSTLY I WANT TO SEE EVIL MERMAIDS OR AT LEAST WEIRD FISH PEOPLE GHOST TOWN: THE CURSE OF LIGHTNING GULCH: i'm excited to see how the "requel" thing works for this! and also the western thing is super rare when it comes to horror, so i'm excited to see how this plays out! especially when it comes to the facades, i'm kind of expecting something beautiful when it comes to this, the potential is just so much LUNATIC'S PLAYGROUND 3D: on one hand, this is the icon house, and i really love chance and the 3d maze gimmick is close to my heart. on the other hand, the asylum thing. i mean i don't know, i'm excited to see some of the weirder environments but i really wish it were more centred around that whole "theatre of the mind" thing rather than the "chance being locked up" thing. oh well TOMB OF THE ANCIENTS: like ghost town, i'm really expecting a cool facade for this one! i guess it's the concept of "weird evil temple" that inspires a lot of hope in me. (also if i don't see a reference to the lantern i'll be sad as hell) so yeah that's basically what i think about all of this! (sidenote: i'm confused as to if those female costume sketches are alternative outfits for chance or just ladies that appear in the mazes, i don't know)
  14. i'm pretty excited to see how this plays out honestly! (and not just because the warehouse thing brings back Fond Memories of the fact my fave icon was a thing that time) i think this could kind of be a gateway to more experimentation in blending VR and horror events? i'm not sure but even if the experience doesn't get stellar reviews it still opens the doorway for new things i guess
  15. i'm excited to see this scarezone! maybe it's because of my love of the weird ancient forest idea but i'm looking forward to this! i'm getting a weird kind of "faefolk"-y vibe from it
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