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  1. Most likely from the team member preview distribution. When I went to pick up my ticket they had the pumpkin head guy walking around as well as a lady from Tomb of the Ancients I believe.
  2. The team member shirt is for anyone who works at Universal. Last year, the cast received special shirts which were not available to anyone other than the cast and crew. The main cast of HHN typically only get one night off I believe. I'm not sure how the back ups work with regard to scheduling, but they do work fewer nights.
  3. This one is, but I'm pretty sure they're going to have the same shirt minus the team member on the sleeve
  4. Here's another shirt you can expect to for the event Also, I think the majority of you will be happy with the house shirt. It has the logo on the left chest with the house artwork on the back. No slogan, or sticky lettering.
  5. I think it's the fact that you go through it with four other people and that is it. Also with VR I think they have more opportunity to make people feel like they are being pushed to the limit without the major components of the extreme house such as the touching, pulling, grabbing etc.
  6. No not technically but it is a 10th experience where you virtually walk through a warehouse with physical environments so it can count as one. LT will most likely come later during the event. Similar to last year I believe. I also feel like this might be the closest thing we get to an "extreme" house.
  7. I told you I had reasons to believe we were getting a tenth house
  8. I have to agree with critical on this one. Except with Banshee's layer considering they typically stick with some form of traditional Halloween theme in CP. Is there a permit for SS 19? I tried doing it myself and couldn't find one.
  9. Thought I'd give this a go. I hope the dimensions are good.
  10. Do you think we'll be able to walk through the ship? Similar to the Skoolhouse from the SZ back in 08?
  11. I was recently speaking with a reliable source and he had mentioned something about #10 (referring to a house). #10 could be a code name but I think it would make sense with the price increases and the size of the event now. The only thing is I'm not sure if there are 10 permits.
  12. Has anyone else heard of anything about a 10th house? I'm not sure where they'd put it but I have reasons to believe we are getting a 10th house despite what Mike has been tweeting.
  13. I just thought it was interesting, and somewhat resembled T&F.. I know Uni would not be happy if he publicly displayed his work for HHN.
  14. I'm not sure if this has anything to do with the event, but the make-up artist who created this also has ties to HHN. I am not sure if this is how the original Treaks & Foons look (I thought they had a larger smile) but I think it would be awesome to see them back at the event. Especially if they could recreate the original SZ.
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