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  1. I don't see them really cancelling the event, they are sitting it out and sitting the announcements and possibly going to wait till June to put out stuff, June is the best guess that we might see this stuff but seeing how it is going on Inside Universal, I wouldn't get my hopes on expecting this year will go the way people think it will go.
  2. Definitely TWD could be written off speculation lists and forever please because it's had it's time and never grew, stayed the same even when it was generated so many attention and appeal, it didn't live up to the show. Also I would not mind a break from Zombie/Virus houses, it is truly for the best, not only because this time now but also the theming have sorta been overused and it's time for other themes to be used.
  3. Nightingales was demanded, people keep asking and asking for original to be given a sequel and once it happens, it either A. works out well for the better or B. falls flat, the concept was good for the house, I had no bad thoughts of it, I'm very open minded to it but seeing others' reactions especially that wanted it to return and question, shows that sometimes, it could work and other times it's just best leaving the first house a little bit open ended. Scarecrow is another one that was really good, if they find a way to make it possible as sequel, I'll be all in for it but hopefully they do it right or side by side to the first house. Hive even though was last minute, seemed decent, why I say this is because the Salem's Lot fan in me really loved this house because it was as close as we were ever gonna that film as a house and seeing the mock-up teaser for the sequel, it seems like one to deserve a sequel but like you said with Scarecrow, where could they really go for the houses? That's when you start understanding the real importance behind making a house or a sequel house that could may or may not top the previous ones.
  4. It may or may not be like Hellfest, but seeing how our event has icons and Hollywood does not, I feel like they would use the icons or something, some type overarching theme that has been to HHN before or something made originally from Universal that could potentially bring to the event as a house to promote the film at the same time, that's how I could see them going about making the film like.
  5. Yes Halloween 4 was last minute which led for the Shrek building being used. SS 22 is up in the air as well but definitely looks like Universal will changing the locations for the future, hopefully they choose the F&TF ride as a replacement because the ride is usually dead during HHN and sometimes in the day time, not many people would really miss the rides' absence. As much as I wanted them to do a Catacombs sequel, honestly the first one is the best, I know there could be many ways to go about a sequel but last year's Nightingales I think proves that some houses don't need sequels or prequels to continue you know what I mean, some are needed and others just not really, that also goes also with Crossovers as well. If there is an anniversary which I am sure there is going to be, it may be possibly used in the parade building as well, hopefully they go the HHN XX house route they did with Horror Nights Hallow'd Past, the set up for that house was awesome even though it takes place in a storage facility, the parade building would be the replacement setting for it and work out perfectly and I am very intrigued in which houses they will feature from the batch.
  6. no no, Dead Exposure: Patient Zero remember? We've been down this road before lol
  7. No, don't say you're spoiling their plans to bring Paranormal Activity to life next year lol XD
  8. Yeah, Haunting in yeah, that house, yay, woo hoo, yay
  9. The thing with the 11 houses situation is that people want 11 houses but then change their minds and don't want 11 houses, I'm pretty much saying if it happens, it happens, if it doesn't, maybe some other time, the way they are utilizing the sound stages this year could mean the latter, again if it doesn't happen, nothing to worry about, and I'm sure with the parks closed, it makes it a bit easier for construction to continue under way, I'm sure they just need take safety precautions of course.
  10. I might it has been mentioned a lot and could be possible if they got that route, I'm not saying it's guaranteed, they could easily pick anywhere else but it's the only area so far mentioned. Cafe La Bamba = 5,000 sq ft I believe, I remember size chart of the area from the forum
  11. Now we just gotta know if that Cafe La Bomba rumor will come true, if so, boom 11 houses lol
  12. Also it may seem off topic but any gamers have you played the latest Dead By Daylight DLC Chains Of Hate, definitely gives me some Ghost Town & Lightning Gulch vibes https://deadbydaylight.com/en/chapters/chains-of-hate
  13. I believe we'll see a 11th house but it's wondering if they'll really pull it off you know, I could see them doing like they did in 2018 in June they had posted the More Houses Than Ever video, I could see them doing that again, and this year is an anniversary year, anything is possible, anything can happen.
  14. Looks like 10 houses and 5 scare zones and 2 shows this year and BOGO tickets out now.
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