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  1. When the announcement video came out for this house was so intrigued how different our house would be from Hollywood's and then seeing the t-shirt design of the monsters definitely added to that idea until I got into this house, I was truly expecting a definitely big house, this house truly proved that, the transitional scenes were truly awesome, my friend scene in this house had to be the mirror room from The Phantom Of The Opera, I always loved every monster but Phantom was definitely on my anticipation list whenever Universal mentioned Monsters returning to the event in some capacity, this house is beautiful and definitely amust to experience once every time you go.
  2. I lost count how many times I've gotten into his house and I lose my mind at the facade and just the atmosphere surrounding the house and stuff, the characters and the Yeti's are so enjoyable and cool, I have to say going through the forest scene and leading into the cave are my favorite, I just love how much detail they added into this house, truly one put this next to Graveyard as being up there on my list
  3. It's a good house, I didn't go in expecting to get scared, I wanted to relive some of the good moments from the films and it didn't disappoint, I enjoyed it a lot and to see certain scenes with each Ghostbusters were really cool, from the Library to walking through the Sedgewick Halls and then Dana's apartment and on, it felt really cool and stepping into those scenes and loved all the effects they had put into this house, definitely was scary fun
  4. I'm not really sure it's good question to ask during the Unmasking The Horror tour or something, I thought it was definitely cool and eerie that you find what happens to Sid and Nancy after you exit the Kids in the Cemetery, I really wished they had also made that queue video outside the house and actual announcement video because I'd really would love to see what everything says on and the videos of Sid and Nancy fooling around the graveyard, all I remember was reading that the graveyard is called The Ascension something Graveyard and some of the "tweets" were about some of the apparitions and stuff that run into in the house.
  5. Last night, the crew were definitely on fire, got me really good especially in the end, its all about getting a good run in the house and if it's too crowded, it does take away from the house what you want to happen.
  6. I had made a trip to California a week after the first week of September and experiencing HHN and Depths, went to Knotts and had done the Depths house and I can agree, the execution of the house was a bit better than ours. Ours has some good moments, I just think of our house as some of the movies they based abit of the stuff on such as the films like Deep Star Six and Leviathan, I can see some of the scenes from both films being redone in the houses, like Mariner split in half which happens to one in Deep Star Six and the mutation of the crew members which happens to one of main characters in Leviathan, I think of this house just made based on those films, when you think of it from that aspect I think it makes the house a bit passable even though they sorta took the idea from Knotts.
  7. Last night, I did this one of the last houses while it was storming because it fit well the story, the cast seemed fresh and got me way better than before, the lion was off sadly but every scare was really good, the sets are amazing and the intensity level in my group was up there which each scare hitting each one lol, not to mention the rotting stench still gets the best of me lol.
  8. So far looks like this year's vinyl and pin is Shorty from Killer Klowns From Outer Space
  9. Well they are being very silent about the house, so all of the secrets behind this house will be kept so far, I'm sure they are going to do their best to top last year's house with this one, very intrigued in the season 3 portion of house than season 2 at the moment but my mind could change the day of the event. Those Demodogs gotta look pretty cool lol.
  10. This house should be really cool, I hope this and Nightingales are up there at being bloody and gory for this year's originals, The Yetis are definitely going to be terrifying after Slaughter Sinema, can't wait
  11. Pretty much Dead End and Winters Night in one house, I'm up for it.
  12. The Hunchback and The Phantom are the Silent Era OGs of The Universal Classic Monsters, they are definitely gonna be in the house.
  13. This house I don't have high hopes for but I do think they will do their best in making this house exactly like the film and try to give it attention to detail with music and all, should be interesting, I enjoyed the film, I'd love to see what they do with the house.
  14. HHN Collector on fb by the name of Sergio had posted this last night, so it looks like the top three ips are Monsters, ST and Ghostbusters, definitely looking forward this year's commercial.
  15. Universal didn't do that before and they won't do that, when HHN had their anniversary for Orlando, Hollywood did other things, so Orlando seems to be the only doing the anniversary since we've used the icons more, next year will definitely be Jack over all the icons which yes seems like a missed opportunity to give other icons their due at the light again but again Marketing will find a way to get their foot in the door having their way which sucks but I feel like somewhere near the end of HHN this year we might get a hint of what's to come next year and maybe sneak peek at Jack's return like they had done back at 24 with the video package having Jack appearing interrupting certain parts.
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