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  1. I'm not so negative about it, honestly there is a bright side to it, this could actual make the lines a bit better for the houses, giving it some thought I might give the show a watch but I just wish they had continue Marathon Of Mayhem, after last year, that was an awesome show and it's just missed opportunity for them to do a part 2 you know. I understand this is probably not their doing but higher ups decision in trying to bring in more attendance and more money to the event, not to mention she is definitely a top star right now so of course they would want to get on that train. It just seems so random and out of the bloom that they'd go this route you know but then again it makes me think of their decision of TWD and then ST, bringing in the fans of those properties to see them and what other things Universal has in their arsenal, so I'm not too negative on it, I'm beginning to understand.
  2. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 Facade Radio Station We hear Stretch talking about the tape and about Lefty and hear the tape of the accident Downstairs of the radio station where we see Choptop pop out in his psychedelic wear with some dialogue hitting LG with the hammer and Leatherface pops out of the record room with his chainsaw towards the guests We are then in the room with Stretch as she tries to lock the sliding door as it's violent shaking and then stops as Leatherface pops through the wall and chainsaws the ice squirting water at guests Find ourselves underground in the Sawyer's hideout where we see Drayton, Grandpa, Leatherface and Choptop pop out of different spots Pass by LG's body as he jump scares and followed by Stretch popping pleading for help out of nowhere wearing his face We then see Grandpa Sawyer trying to hit Stretch with the hammer and continuously missing with the family cheering him on and Lefty jumps scares with the chainsaw We find ourselves in the middle of Leatherface and Lefty's fight with chainsaws Drayton pops out with Nubbins and pulls the grenade as we hear an explosion and smoke getting out the room As we find ourselves seeing Stretch and Choptop fighting to which Choptop tries to reach out at us one last time and Stretch cutting him up with the chainsaw meanwhile seeing Grandma dead in her throne We then see Stretch maniacally dancing around covered in blood with saw as we head for the exit only for one last chainsaw scare from Leatherface The Funhouse We hear the main title theme Find ourselves in Amy's room exactly how it looks like in the room and we are jumpscared by her brother in a costume and fake knife We then find ourselves heading into the carnival hearing the carousel and barkers and tents We are walking towards the fun house as the barker looks at us and beckoning "Who will survive the funhouse?" and Gunther in the Frankenstein costume lurking around the guests Find ourselves enter in and experiencing the old school props and effects as then all of a sudden they shut down Trapped we then proceed as is seen Gunther strangling Madame Zena and continue on to try and escape only to be jump scared by the barker Conrad with his gun We see Richie hanging above us and then later in the ride cart with an axe in his head, the barker shouts at us with his gun and continue to get away we then see him impale on the sword of a knight mannequin and Buzz on a prop's arm dead as we Gunther is upset and begins to chase us and we find the body of Liz in the industrial fan underground. In the maintenance area of the Funhouse all hell has broken loose, Amy is on one side screaming towards guests and Gunther is trapped in between the spinning gears and shrieks and screams and tries to lunge towards us and then dies we then proceed to exit to hear the animatronic fat lady's laugh followed by the main title's theme
  3. John Carpenter's Prince Of Darkness We found ourselves in the basement of the church and see the cylinder containing the swirling green liquid with crosses and technology surrounding it and possibly get sprayed just like Susan who we see possibly jump scaring us in the next room and possessed. We begin to experience all of the different members in the group being possessed Find ourselves in the alleyway with the possessed homeless readying to attack and jumpscared by the leader We hearing bugs hissing and see Frank comes toward a dark lit room and saying "HELLO, HELLO, I'VE GOT A MESSAGE FOR YOU" Followed by another jumpscare from Frank saying 'PRAY FOR DEATH!" We hear the transmissions of the future "This is coming from year 1999" as we enter the next room and see Kelly laying in the hammock in the room changing and breathing heavy and get jump scared by both Susan and Lisa while we see Walter shouting for help. We enter the next room and are jumped by a few possessed as we find our selves in the mirror room where Kelly is reaching towards it and Satan's hand is reaching through only for Katherine running in towards Kelly The Priest act is if throwing the axe at the mirror We begin to hear the main title music again as we make our exit only for one last jumpscare followed by a scream as Catherine pops out possessed from the devil
  4. Halloween III has been on my mind, I have no certain order but I can definitely see these parts happening in the house: The Junkyard location and seeing the tv in the building playing Shamrock Commercial Junkyard Jumpscares by the victim and the henchman Hospital scene with the dead man in the hospital bed and jumpscare through one of the curtains by a henchman Find ourselves in Marge Guttman's apartment room in the bed or maybe out of it (Giving it the Poltergeist house treatment) of her peeling her face with bugs coming out of it from being hit by the beam from the mask. Somewhere in the house they must probably have three silver shamrock kids popping out at certain points ("TRICK OR TREAT! TRICK OR TREAT!") Dan hiding from the androids in the factory and find ourselves in the middle of a few jumpscares Kupfer family's fate in the room with the snakes and bugs while the commercial plays on the tv Hearing Cochran's tale dialogue and then finally Cochran jumps out from one side saying "Hope you enjoy the Horror-thon Doctor") as Dan is on the other strapped to the chair with the skeleton shamrock mask on and seeing the tv (Possibly playing the same Halloween scene) Find ourselves trying to escape from the androids as we see them toying with the stonehenge prop before us and immediately see it vaporize them all and turning Cochran to stone (Maybe have a scareactor pop up every once in awhile after staying still) Ellie and Dan both pop out to scare us on both sides We hear the Shamrock tune playing louder and louder and find ourselves in the same room with Dan as his trying to yelling and pleading for the station to turn off the commercial, the commercial on our right side on the tv and Dan on our left, as he jumps towards saying for the last time STOP IT! we exit out of the house with the ending credit but not without one last jump scare from an android.
  5. Conjuring I feel could be a strong bet but could be a facade for something to come along but I do hope for it to happen, Phantasm definitely a classic and should happen for sure at the event in the future, I'd love to go into one of the rooms and immediately see the Tall Man and hear BOOOOOOOOOOOOY! I would be so happy, with the copyright stuff expiring, Bloody Mary could be used, so who knows, maybe Universal might take advantage of it and use it this year in some way. I would love to see the return of Legendary Truth and hopefully bring us clues to what happens after 30. Body Collectors are definitely great but I'm not sure they will have em have a house but definitely return as tradition for the anniversary scarezone. After hearing the new rumors of the new lagoon show, things seem to be very iffy on how it will turn out, definitely nobody wants what is coming to come but Universal definitely really dropped could be dropping the ball if they are doing it this year.
  6. Definitely awesome, been waiting for this one for a good while and love every thing of it awesome job \m/
  7. Yeah, but that's the thing with the use of ips now more and more, the event itself is the icon, and the ips being the icons as well which sorta stinks, I just hope we could get one year with just the originals and pay homage the past even though the ips have become more and more renown and getting more and more people into the event, the many fans of the past would still love for the past to be acknowledge a little more and wanting to have an icon to help shape the event more, Fear was a try even though it didn't go as planned but they could have gotten another idea than continuously going back to Jack you know, the other icons definitely deserve their spotlight and not in the shadows.
  8. I just really for the originals to outweigh the ips a bit or just 50/50 but giving the acknowledgement a little more to the originals as well, I'd love for them to feature the icons in the promotional material and commercial like they have done in the past and almost like what Howl O Scream had somewhat done with their anniversary this year with multiple icons from the past being used in posters and etc. while also promoting the ips as well.
  9. Mary's return would definitely be refreshing, 2008 coming back all over again even if for just a little for the anniversary event, I do hope we also see the return of LT that I am also hoping for next to Terra Queen and the Icons.
  10. I wish there was still a chance to have Titans Of Terror house with Freddy, Jason, Michael and Leatherface featuring a best of each of their houses from the past would have been a cool idea. Halloween 2018 should be a perfect opportunity to make it's presence for 30 since they have the beginning of the house be for Halloween 2018 and then end it with a sneak peek into the new Halloween film, it would be a cool opportunity to promote the new film.
  11. I really like this walkthrough, definitely be cool to see this happen as a house awesome work
  12. Some IPs I would love to see come to the event: They Live (It would be an interesting house even if they would want to make it 3 rooms in a John Carpenter homage house, it'd still be cool.) Phantasm (The Tallman is iconic and should definitely given a house at HHN, the movies have had some many effects work and beautiful sets, I'd love to step into the house and see us in front of the Morningside Cemetery and walking towards the mortuary, sorta what Graveyard Games facade was like this and hearing that awesome opening theme playing.) Night Of The Demons (Another good film with haunted house vibes and 80s-esque style to it, putting us in the middle of the action, things going awry and we're trying to escape before we are the next victims.) A Quiet Place - The film was really good and definitely intense at point and the creatures look really cool, having moments in the house where noises just happen at certain points and then seeing the creatures jumpscaring at certain spots, this would be sweet house, from the farmhouse to under, the silo and the forest. I mean it definitely stood the test of time before, I thought after 25 when seeing the Thing/Victim was featured in the All Nite Die In scarezone, I'd thought we'd get it the following year but hopefully it happens eventually, it's true classic and I'm sure is still on the list for both coasts to make happen.
  13. I don't know if anyone saw the Christmas and HHN Protesters outside last night, it was pretty funny, pretty short but funny for sure lol and also this:
  14. Patrick has tweeted that the team have already started working on the 4th house for next year. It's understandable that Universal would selling the The Dark Night Of The Scarecrow mask, the masks of House of 1000 Corpses and Killer Klowns From Outer Space are from the company Trick Or Treat Studios so it would make sense that they would try and sell other masks from the company that they think would look cool and sell at the event but I don't think we'd see Dark Night at HHN, even though the concept of the movie is interesting, I could see maybe Universal using it as a influence for an original house or something if they'd go that route.
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