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  1. Yeah, but that's the thing with the use of ips now more and more, the event itself is the icon, and the ips being the icons as well which sorta stinks, I just hope we could get one year with just the originals and pay homage the past even though the ips have become more and more renown and getting more and more people into the event, the many fans of the past would still love for the past to be acknowledge a little more and wanting to have an icon to help shape the event more, Fear was a try even though it didn't go as planned but they could have gotten another idea than continuously going back to Jack you know, the other icons definitely deserve their spotlight and not in the shadows.
  2. I just really for the originals to outweigh the ips a bit or just 50/50 but giving the acknowledgement a little more to the originals as well, I'd love for them to feature the icons in the promotional material and commercial like they have done in the past and almost like what Howl O Scream had somewhat done with their anniversary this year with multiple icons from the past being used in posters and etc. while also promoting the ips as well.
  3. Mary's return would definitely be refreshing, 2008 coming back all over again even if for just a little for the anniversary event, I do hope we also see the return of LT that I am also hoping for next to Terra Queen and the Icons.
  4. I wish there was still a chance to have Titans Of Terror house with Freddy, Jason, Michael and Leatherface featuring a best of each of their houses from the past would have been a cool idea. Halloween 2018 should be a perfect opportunity to make it's presence for 30 since they have the beginning of the house be for Halloween 2018 and then end it with a sneak peek into the new Halloween film, it would be a cool opportunity to promote the new film.
  5. I really like this walkthrough, definitely be cool to see this happen as a house awesome work
  6. Some IPs I would love to see come to the event: They Live (It would be an interesting house even if they would want to make it 3 rooms in a John Carpenter homage house, it'd still be cool.) Phantasm (The Tallman is iconic and should definitely given a house at HHN, the movies have had some many effects work and beautiful sets, I'd love to step into the house and see us in front of the Morningside Cemetery and walking towards the mortuary, sorta what Graveyard Games facade was like this and hearing that awesome opening theme playing.) Night Of The Demons (Another good film with haunted house vibes and 80s-esque style to it, putting us in the middle of the action, things going awry and we're trying to escape before we are the next victims.) A Quiet Place - The film was really good and definitely intense at point and the creatures look really cool, having moments in the house where noises just happen at certain points and then seeing the creatures jumpscaring at certain spots, this would be sweet house, from the farmhouse to under, the silo and the forest. I mean it definitely stood the test of time before, I thought after 25 when seeing the Thing/Victim was featured in the All Nite Die In scarezone, I'd thought we'd get it the following year but hopefully it happens eventually, it's true classic and I'm sure is still on the list for both coasts to make happen.
  7. I don't know if anyone saw the Christmas and HHN Protesters outside last night, it was pretty funny, pretty short but funny for sure lol and also this:
  8. Patrick has tweeted that the team have already started working on the 4th house for next year. It's understandable that Universal would selling the The Dark Night Of The Scarecrow mask, the masks of House of 1000 Corpses and Killer Klowns From Outer Space are from the company Trick Or Treat Studios so it would make sense that they would try and sell other masks from the company that they think would look cool and sell at the event but I don't think we'd see Dark Night at HHN, even though the concept of the movie is interesting, I could see maybe Universal using it as a influence for an original house or something if they'd go that route.
  9. When the announcement video came out for this house was so intrigued how different our house would be from Hollywood's and then seeing the t-shirt design of the monsters definitely added to that idea until I got into this house, I was truly expecting a definitely big house, this house truly proved that, the transitional scenes were truly awesome, my friend scene in this house had to be the mirror room from The Phantom Of The Opera, I always loved every monster but Phantom was definitely on my anticipation list whenever Universal mentioned Monsters returning to the event in some capacity, this house is beautiful and definitely amust to experience once every time you go.
  10. I lost count how many times I've gotten into his house and I lose my mind at the facade and just the atmosphere surrounding the house and stuff, the characters and the Yeti's are so enjoyable and cool, I have to say going through the forest scene and leading into the cave are my favorite, I just love how much detail they added into this house, truly one put this next to Graveyard as being up there on my list
  11. It's a good house, I didn't go in expecting to get scared, I wanted to relive some of the good moments from the films and it didn't disappoint, I enjoyed it a lot and to see certain scenes with each Ghostbusters were really cool, from the Library to walking through the Sedgewick Halls and then Dana's apartment and on, it felt really cool and stepping into those scenes and loved all the effects they had put into this house, definitely was scary fun
  12. I'm not really sure it's good question to ask during the Unmasking The Horror tour or something, I thought it was definitely cool and eerie that you find what happens to Sid and Nancy after you exit the Kids in the Cemetery, I really wished they had also made that queue video outside the house and actual announcement video because I'd really would love to see what everything says on and the videos of Sid and Nancy fooling around the graveyard, all I remember was reading that the graveyard is called The Ascension something Graveyard and some of the "tweets" were about some of the apparitions and stuff that run into in the house.
  13. Last night, the crew were definitely on fire, got me really good especially in the end, its all about getting a good run in the house and if it's too crowded, it does take away from the house what you want to happen.
  14. I had made a trip to California a week after the first week of September and experiencing HHN and Depths, went to Knotts and had done the Depths house and I can agree, the execution of the house was a bit better than ours. Ours has some good moments, I just think of our house as some of the movies they based abit of the stuff on such as the films like Deep Star Six and Leviathan, I can see some of the scenes from both films being redone in the houses, like Mariner split in half which happens to one in Deep Star Six and the mutation of the crew members which happens to one of main characters in Leviathan, I think of this house just made based on those films, when you think of it from that aspect I think it makes the house a bit passable even though they sorta took the idea from Knotts.
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