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  1. I just finished the Haunting of Hill House and it would be such a better replacement than Stranger Things. There are so many creepy ghosts and tons of beautiful and ghostly atmosphere. Bent Neck Lady and the Tall Man are so creepy and would be cool to see in a haunt
  2. My supervisor is a lead at the Wizarding World and he confirmed it'll be open for Saturday.
  3. I doubt it, all season supervisors have been hammering it in how much trouble we'll get in for speaking. I know one guy in Tram got severely reprimanded for telling a guest to stop screaming. And considering the Fear VR fiasco at Knott's, Universal is pretty hesitant to loosen up.
  4. Not really, but it was cool for everyone behind the scenes. I'll post some pictures after Saturday
  5. On Halloween, the actor who played Hollywood Harry in all the promotions and advertisements came out to Terror Tram in full make up and was able to talk to guests . If all goes well he'll be back on Saturday
  6. American Horror Story was really disappointing...
  7. I'm pretty sure there's more than one person for that particular room
  8. Yeah, it's cheaper to pay a person to do a simple effect over and over rather than build a mechanical bit that might not work or react the way they want. Blackout performers are much like a factory worker.
  9. Yeah, there's a good number of hanging clown things but there's no more kill scenes on the alternate path
  10. So in major news from Terror Tram, the crowd backup nightmares have been resolved by adding a second path more akin to the traditional route. They also added 30 people to the cast to flesh it out
  11. So Terror Tram has an early extra rehearsal today because the higher ups want to fix the traffic jams. Hopefully this'll make for a better paced experience
  12. Literally just watched it, love this video so much more than other big channels because you dont use that awful camera light that gives away everything and let's you see what the experience is really like
  13. This was the first opening weekend in Hollywood's history that sold out
  14. I feel like I'm the only one still holding out for The Exorcist. I was talking to a few of the Regans that were in that maze and they said hardly any effects or figures were working and there was supposed to be more scenic added to the transitions. Hopefully it'll improve because I wanna love this maze, I really do.
  15. Dress rehearsal is Employee Preview. Probably be best to call entertainment base or ask a supervisor because some of the call times are ridiculously early
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