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  1. You do need to keep in mind the size difference between the two resorts. Universal had 8 resorts (which besides Cabana and Endless Summer complex all mostly all smaller than Disney's) that guests could be booked in before this started. Disney had 30. Multiple Disney resorts were sold out due to spring break. None of Universals resorts were fully booked. While Universal still gets many out of state visitors, the majority of them "add on" Universal to a Disney trip still. While still an unprecedented challenge, Universal had a much easier time navigating the logistics of reopening because of the smaller property and significantly less guests in "limbo" about when their previously booked vacation could take place. If Universal sold every single room on property, they wouldn't get to 50% of their parks capacity with onsite guests. Disney on the other hand will far exceed the much lower capacity numbers if they allow every room to be booked. This is why Universal is still selling tickets and rooms and Disney is not. Disney simply doesn't have enough places to put people if they sell every room and still have non-onsite guests visiting as well while park capacity is at the rumored 40% level. While both resorts are complex beasts that take a lot of people and planning to operate each day, Disney is on a MUCH larger scale than Universal and takes a lot more effort and planning to recover from something like this. One final thing to think about. Back in 2018, Universal had a reported attendance of 10.71 million people (average of 29,342 people per day). The same year, Disney had 58 million with an average of 158,904 per day, over 5 times the number of guests in a single day.
  2. Along with SIF and GATs being removed, I don't see any water effects this year. The likely hood of catching the virus from an infected person from briefly passing by them is pretty small. It's the prolonged contact with the person that your chances go up. Briefly passing by an actor in the house isn't any different than passing by a customer at the grocery store. There really isn't a ton of stuff that will effect the event as a whole. By the time Sept rolls around, masks might not be required. Social Distancing will most likely still be a thing, but they can space out the queue, reduce capacity and use virtual queues for the houses as well. Scarezones could still happen as well with the right precautions in place.
  3. I really doubt that they are cancelling it. They wouldn't extend the BOGO offer to a point after this "planned announcement". Also, way wait almost another month to announce it? If the rumor is true, they have their mind made up, just announce it now so people can change their travel plans and stop ticket sales so less to refund. If anything I could see this "Fall Festival" idea coming to Hollywood. With California still under a big lockdown, no plan in sight of when California parks will open, I feel like things will be much stricter once they open...if they are even open by Sept.
  4. Well, with the parks now opening to the public on June 5th after they had their meeting with the city, we will find out HHN stuff soon hopefully. They extended the BOGO ticket offer until the end of July so they are clearly still planning on having the event. Most of the stuff we expected in their safety plans. No water features on rides was an odd one but I guess it makes sense. Also virtual queues for most rides. This got me thinking. What if this year HHN does virtual queues for all the houses. With a reduced capacity, its something they could pull off. If they offer express, its main perk could be skipping the virtual queue portion and getting right in line. Today they showed off how they are gonna handle queues with switchbacks and if that carries into HHN, its gonna mean queues are gonna be LONG. No party will be standing in a switchback with another family to either side of them or 8 ft in front or behind them. If they go the virtual queue route, they won't need as much space and could use the express pass space for the regular queue. Maybe keep the regular queue at 20 minutes or less and then switch to virtual with express never having more than 20 minute wait.
  5. I agree with most of this exact for Islands being open. I also see the capacity being 50%. With capacity being down, Islands doesn't need to be open. Rides very rarely have much of wait during HHN except for maybe RRR. Adding islands would increase operating costs by quite a bit for no reason. I am expecting no express passes this year. Again, capacity being cut means way less crowds. They can then use the express pass space to socially distance the line and help control the pacing of guests entering the houses. Other tickets are gonna be interesting. I really hope the Rush of Fear is still a thing but I could see just single night tickets with a discount being applied for the more nights you purchase at the same time with all guests needing to select the date they are attending. I see alcohol being SEVERELY limited or possibly this year being a dry event. We ALL know alcohol brings out the bad side of quite a few guests. Its the reason we have Orlando PD and Security all over the park and the exits of all houses. Trying to tell a drunk (or even slightly tipsy) guest to put on their mask or to socially distance while in queue is not gonna go over well. Universal (and theme parks in general) need to make sure they stay out of the press for things happening. The last thing we need is a drunk guest assaulting a TM just trying to keep people safe and following the guidelines.
  6. I remember reading about this too. I want a year were all of them were in the spotlight again. 25 put its main focus on Jack and just had a little tease of the others. I want them all back in a bigger way. I just hope that if that was the plan, this pandemic doesn't mess it all up. I would much rather they delay the big 30 than do a watered down version. With the 18+ months now that it takes to develop this event each year, I really don't think they could modify it that much. If the plan was all the icons, i'm sure the merch has already been created and production well under way. Ads and TV commercials already filmed with them. I feel like after a few weeks of the park being open, that's when we will have a clearer picture as to what is gonna happen. On a side note, when does casting usually start? We are getting toward the end of May. I thought we usually had dates for casting by now.
  7. At the very end it almost looks like the cryptkeeper as well.
  8. This is really interesting. The site was created on 3/30/20 and was only purchased for 1 year. Esoteric Pictures is the name on the gate leading backstage near Horror Make Up Show. I'm unable to find anything about who purchased the domain. Either a fan just wanting to have fun or something more official and a tease of whats to come. I'm leaning more towards fan created but its hard to tell. There is also a Twitter that was set up. The video plays a little longer in one of the tweets they sent out. I'm having a hard time making out the faces in the video. https://twitter.com/EsotericPicture
  9. I just completed a new survey from Universal about Covid-19 in general and what measures Universal should be taking now while closed and once they reopen. Multiple questions about ways to make guests few safe. Temperature screening (forehead or body scanner), rapid testing (nasal or mouth swab), and even "immunity cards". One is clearly to cover themselves which is "requiring guest to fill out a health questionnaire about possible symptoms and exposure". You know all guests are not gonna be honest on that and simply say they feel fine. More questions about food/drink service. Keeping ALL doors open so you don't have to grab any door handles. Spacing of families in shows and rides. Areas to give feedback or ideas that were not mentioned. I mentioned during HHN, do not require guests to keep up with the party in front of them. Let guests walk through the house at the distance they feel comfortable with (within reason). One question asked if I had a trip planned and when. My answer was Sept 2020. The very next question was, if Universal opens Sept 2020, how quickly would you return to the park. So either they took my first answer and wanted more info, or they are thinking about staying closed for a while still. With Shanghai opening in a few days, i'm curious to see what happens.
  10. Maybe I just haven't been paying attention to the website since nothing has been announced yet, but have all official days always been listed? I knew before Covid they announced the dates of Sept 10th-Nov 1st but I didn't think we got actual event nights since that always seem to be released in the summer but now the website has the nights listed already. Didn't expect Sept. 16th to be an event night since they usually skip the first Wednesday. Glad i'm arriving that Wednesday afternoon now! 10 full nights of HHN for me now...assuming nothing changes.
  11. I couldn't see them doing post spring. That wouldn't give them enough turn around time to get 31 set up. An April-May HHN run would mean June 1st would be teardown and require immediate construction on 31 with only 3 months to tear down and rebuild. While not impossible, I don't see that being an option. I also don't think a 3 month break is enough for guests. Quite a few people travel from out of state and 3 months isn't enough of a break between trips for many people but a 7 month break is better. They wouldn't want to effect Mardi Gras. I feel like if they delay it, the only option is post Christmas, pre Mardi Gras.
  12. So, let's just say that HHN doesn't happen. We know a few houses are nearly finished already. I'm sure most elements of the event are well on the way to being finished. Do we think there is any chance that they delay the event to some time other than Halloween? Like could we see an HHN in January? That would give them time to remove everything and set up Mardi Gras and start construction on 31. Would also give them more time to let this all pass. I am hoping that the event happens. My airfare and hotel have been booked for awhile. Become a tradition to come down for 2 weeks every September. I just want them to start announcing plans soon. With the cruise industry slowing starting back up in August, I would hope Universal would give us some ideas of what they are thinking. One thing I'm positive of, capacity for this year (assuming it happens) is going to be greatly reduced. The event packs the park with people filling the streets and the queues. Ticket options this year will be interesting. Will express even need to be a thing if the park capacity is cut in half or more? Will you have to purchase your ticket and select the day your coming far in advance? Will Rush of Fear and other "season pass" type tickets be offered? Will they limit it onsite resort guests and AP holders (rumored to be what Disney is going to do for some time)? Hopefully we get answers in the next few weeks.
  13. The survey wasn't about HHN in general. It was about the resort as a whole. It basically said that when they get the OK to reopen from the state, they will but wanted feedback on safety messaures and precautions that they are thinking about putting into place. Things like only opening outdoor shows and attractions. Wiping down ride vehicles after every rider. Stopped self serve food/drinks (no more Freestyle machines). Temperature checks for staff and/or guests. Face masks for all adults staff/and or guests. No shows/parades were large people gather in groups. Spacing out ride seating/only send the same family in a vehicle for smaller vehicles. Multiple capacity questions. Hand sanitizer questions. The theme park industry is going to look very different for quite some time I'm sure. It's not going to be the same park we knew before all this started. I'm expecting 50% reduced capacity for quite some time. Different queue systems. Different restaurant systems. Bus system changes. It's a lot to change and implement but also going to be very hard to make guests follow the new rules and guidelines. I'm sure whatever happens will be effecting HHN as well. Time will tell.
  14. Random 5am thought: Does anybody else think Universal changed up houses and trimmed down on the number of IP's because they are expecting a large drop off in attendance this year because of the coronavirus? After getting that email to AP holders asking what guests would like to see change after they reopen, it really got me thinking. 3 different questions asking about reduced capacity. HHN has gotten to the point where some nights it's difficult to walk the streets without bumping into somebody every few steps. I easily see them dropping capacity by at least 25% this year but I wouldn't be surprised if they cut it in half. So, why spend all the extra money to lock down IP's when the event is going to draw in less of a crowd?
  15. Now this is a list I can totally get behind and hope is true! A 4/6 split of IP to Originals during an anniversary year is amazing. I'm guessing Shrek's days are numbered with them trying a new location. Once Bourne opens I could see them giving it a few more weeks and then pulling the plug. Most likely getting a copy of the new Secret Life of Pets ride from USH.
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