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  1. I would be really surprised if we don't get Hill House this year. It was a huge show that got a lot of people talking about it and it can be turned into a house pretty easily. I don't think we will see many returning originals in the form of a sequel house. With HHN 30 next year, I see them holding back the big original sequel houses for that year and giving us new originals this year. Maybe we will see something Legendary Truth related this year to get the public aware of them again if they are planning on using them for the 30th. Originals have been getting more and more popular as the "new" general public crowd is starting to see how good they are. I could see this year being 4 IP's and 6 originals.
  2. SunshineFrights on Twitter mentioned a few minutes ago they are on their way to Universal for a special HHN update. Are they doing a press thing today to announce a house or something?
  3. I figured it out! All the Rick and Morty clues and the talk of popular fandom can only mean one thing.... We are getting a McDonalds house! Evil clowns, the Hamburglar and life size chicken nuggets are not the scariest part either. That honor goes to the room at the very end, after waiting for over an hour, that ties everything back to the clues. The walls are lined with empty sauce cups and your told they have run out of Szechuan Sauce! The horror!!
  4. It seems like Universal learned a lot from last year. First they totally fooled peopled with fake house concepts so nobody is 100% sure what we are really getting. Now we seem to be getting announcements every few weeks. I can't remember a time when a non-icon, original concept house ever had its own announcement with an announcement video and logo. Normally all originals are bundled together a month or so before opening night and we just get a logo and brief description of the house. The people on the creative teams seem very excited about this year. Overall it just seems like this year they are going all out to make up for the disappointment that was last year. I think the budget was much smaller last year with the new Christmas stuff they were doing and this year they got all their money back and hopefully more! Also, I have to wonder if we will be getting another new show this year. The new fountain show and viewing area will be finished before HHN starts. I wonder if we will be getting a horror themed water show that will run throughout the night? Even if we don't get a full blown show, it would be cool if they randomly played an iconic horror song with the fountains going off.
  5. Didn't HHN do a maze years ago over in IoA where every couple of guests got a "hard hat" with a light on it that would flicker on and off based on where you were inside the house? While I think giving guest access to portable lights now is an awful idea with the current crowd the event draws in (those poor actors will be blind by the end of the first night!) I do think the concept is cool.
  6. So, with the key words of Zero and Detective, I got to thinking. Typically in any type of outbreak they always try to find Patient Zero. The first known person to contract whatever outbreak is going on. Detectives work to find this Patient Zero. Could we possible be dealing with some sort of outbreak house? Not sure how paranormal investigators keep track of cases either. Could a house (and/or person) be considered a Patient Zero if whatever is happening to that home or person continues happening in other locations? If so, maybe we could be going to the very first location Legendary Truth investigated...their own personal Patient Zero?
  7. They announced it a while ago. They tend to announce scarezones one at a time unlike Orlando and VERY, VERY rarely do we ever have a scarezone they have.
  8. This is quite interesting. What if Netflix knows the other IP's coming to the event. It's not totally out of the realm of possibility that Universal would tell them who they would be sharing the spotlight with. Heck, for all we know this Universal/Netflix partnership could be bigger than we originally thought. With Disney soon to launch their own streaming service and pull ALL Disney content off Netflix, it makes since for Netflix to want to partner with another big media giant. I already have this feeling that as we exit Stranger Things, we will get handed a "flyer" for Netflix with a free trial code on it. What if they include all the IP's (minus the new Halloween of course but we could get the old ones) on the Netflix platform before the event starts and send out a free month to everybody that buys a ticket on line to the event so they can watch the movies and shows that will be a house or zone.
  9. I really wish they would hurry up with the multi-nights passes! I can't see them ever doing away with them completely because it would drop attendance significantly! Plus, for people from out of town like myself, the multi-night ticket is the reason I go! Past three years now I've stayed onsite for 16-18 nights and attended three full weekends. Have had Aventura booked since Sept of last year for 17 nights this year. If for some stupid reason they don't offer the Rush of Fear, I will drop that down to just a long weekend and probably only attend 1 night. You would think they would want to start collecting money now from people that want to attend and for people that are on the fence about going, having a multi-night ticket might convince them to make a trip over for a long weekend.
  10. I totally agree! The Voodoo show from a few years ago that had to be scrapped because it upset a few people is just insane to me. The fact that they caved and stopped the show after just a few nights after all the time and money than went into building the shack and hiring the cast. Heck, they even promoted the whole zone as it being tied to the show with the mason jar lights strung out throughout the entire zone interacting with the show. I will still never understand why they pulled the plug on it and then turned around a few years later and gave us and entire house based on that one scarezone.
  11. If the total theme of this year turns out to be the 80's (which would just be amazing!) then I really hope AoV sticks with it. Seeing them do Thriller would be incredible! I'm still trying to figure out what the other show might be. My guess would be they would put it in Animal Actors unless Fear Factor is still standing by then. First thought was Rocky Horror but that was 1975. I honestly hope they create an original show like Bill and Ted but without them. I know the rumor was a HP Death Eater show but I still just honestly can't see that happening during HHN. Maybe as a day time thing during normal park hours but a HP show during HHN is could to bring in the wrong type of crowd I fear.
  12. With three news hotels and over 3,000 new onsite rooms being added by the time the 30th anniversary rolls around, I can't help but wonder if the budget this year went up in order to get more guests into the event to get them hooked. I have a feeling we will be seeing a LOT of first time visitors this year with just Stranger Things alone. Get them in this year, have them fall in love with the event so next year they go for a few nights and stay onsite at the new value resort. Then by the time the 30th rolls around and the 2nd half of the new resort (with over 2,000 new rooms alone) opens up, maybe, just maybe the event will have gotten big enough to branch into both parks for the BIG anniversary year. I think a big reason we don't have both parks now is the resort has gotten much more popular since the old IoA HHN days and they want to make sure guests that don't want to go to HHN have something to do in the evening over at IoA. This brings me to my next point...the new park that we all know is happening. Way to much prep work is already going on (heck, 2000 new rooms are being built close by it). IoA took about a year and half from breaking ground until grand opening. Even if they don't break ground until early next year, it's VERY possible they will have the new park open by fall 2020. This would easily allow them to expand to into IoA for the 30th anniversary without fear of shutting people out from all the parks.
  13. Seventeen videos makes sense IF we are getting an Icon. I hope this means we are! 9 for the houses 5 for the zones 2 for shows 1 for Icon
  14. I don't want projection mapping on the arches. I want to physically see the depth of the "stuff" (does it have a technical name in the show?) growing on the arches. Plus it would love cool even during the day and considering its not even dark when the event starts most guests wouldn't notice it much. The idea inside the house is cool, but again the physical look of it would be much better. Also, in season 1 I don't recall ever instantly switching to the Upside Down. They normally have to pass through something to enter it via the Lab or even the tree in the forest. With this house strictly following the story of season 1, a room that switches between the real world and the Upside Down instantly doesn't fit.
  15. I don't see ST being the mega house this year. They have said we will follow the season 1 story line faithfully and will make multiple trips into the Upside Down. However, I just don't see their being enough content to fill up a mega house. I am very excited to see how they pull this house off though. The sound design has be to on point! The Upside Down has a very distinct sound to it that they need to pull off along with the unique visual design. I'm hoping they use that "air bag" effect when your entering and exiting the Upside Down so you feel like you are being "squeezed" into it kinda like how it looks in the show. After seeing the art they created for the announcement, I have high hopes that this will turn out amazing. With both the creators of the show and Netflix helping with this house, it should turn out great. Not only is this a big win for Universal, it is a MASSIVE win for Netflix! It has the potential to grow their member base. Heck, I honestly wouldn't be surprised if at the exit of the house you get handed a code for a free 7-day trial of Netflix. Speaking of that art they released, if they DON'T do that to the Arches, they lost an amazing opportunity to finally do something cool to the arches that have been boring and bland for years!
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