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  1. From the stranger things press release: "With ten haunted houses, five scare zones, and live entertainment still to be revealed" Do you think this means 11 houses this year, or is it just bad phrasing?
  2. I wouldn't count on an announcement until after hagrids coaster opens.
  3. It's Hollywood! You'd think they'd have a much higher production value! What's with all the black halls and crappy masks?
  4. They're supposed to be an extention of Carnival Graveyard. And the ones in SanFran are apparently mechanics, but I haven't been over to check them out...
  5. I saw it happen once or twice last year I believe.
  6. What cup are you talking about? The freestyle cups?
  7. VERRRRYYYYYY carefully. I'm just kidding. There's plenty of space out in the park for SSP to get through. It looks different in person.
  8. Usually the lanyards are double sided.
  9. All the parks are closing at 5PM that night so I'm assuming it's for a private event.
  10. I recognize that quote! Inglorious Bastards?
  11. Not sure where you think those new tents are actually going back there. Haha
  12. I'd also look forward to some sort of vehicle element in NY as well.
  13. Sorry, I meant the street Hollywood at UO.
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