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  1. I think the crowds were weird last year because the weather screwed everyone's plans up.
  2. That's correct. IDK, I do enjoy both. If they're sticking with 9 houses, 6/3 seems the right mix for the way the event is going. You know if it was only 8 houses it'd still be 5/3, so it's really just a bonus IP house we get.
  3. The 20th Century Fox acquisition isn't set in stone, so they could still work with The Thing if they wanted. EDIT: In fact, I've heard Comcast is mounting a counter-offer to try and push Disney out, anyway. If we're talking body horror though, all I have to say is DEATH TO VIDEODROME, LONG LIVE THE NEW FLESH.
  4. I went on Halloween for 26 and it was dead til like 1030.
  5. I'd like to see the last room being all black and white, like you're walking through the photo.
  6. I'm going to have to wholeheartedly disagree here. Terror Behind the Walls is really fun. There's also Fright Factory on the other side of town in South Philly, though that one I have yet to do. Seconding the recommendation to visit Eastern State during the day. There's a few bars/restaurants in the area you can check out while the sun goes down.
  7. Whoa, now. Jason Takes Manhattan is might be garbage, but it's high-quality garbage.
  8. I am going to be totally alone on this for sure. If we're going to be going wild with IPs, why not Twin Peaks?
  9. It would definitely pull in more people to see the "remixed" ride endings, but you have to account for how much it would take in time/money to develop stuff like that, deploy it, then un-deploy it.
  10. RE: wading pools. The best was if you went through during a change and they were empty. It was a weird thing because they were able to pull a similar effect off with the hatchery in AvP by having you slowly go up ramps on the way there, so they had room to build underneath by that time and you didn't realize it. That TWD house was just lazy. For real. I would imagine they could sell that info for a few bucks to one of the theme park sites.
  11. I have a special spot in my heart for that film, so I will enjoy it regardless. They could get creative with mirrors if they wanted to. I could see it working, but I could also see it ending up kind of average, like the Exorcist (the facade was great, and the rest was alright, IMO).
  12. Some of these IPs just don't make any sense as houses. Yes, these movies were good. But a maze is a different experience. Someone mentioned Silence of the Lambs a few pages back, and how boring would that be? Walk around a prison? Walk around a lobby? We might as well do Rubber if we're gonna go down that road. That being said, I never got to see The Thing. Please let me see The Thing :(. Edit: Yeah, like, I have zero desire to see Get Out in a maze.
  13. I am constantly amazed that people think Jeepers Creepers was a good movie, and that The Shining wasn't.
  14. I wouldn't think Nintendo would have any control over what the rest of the park does. Universal is just licensing the characters. I don't think any of Nintendo's cash is going into the park. Universal is probably paying them, if anything. It's just like any other attraction. WB doesn't go bonkers when there's a 20th Century Fox IP. That being said, I would love an RE7 house this year.
  15. Does anyone know what time guest services shuts down? I'll be arriving on the 9th and was hoping to pick up my tickets for the 10th and 11th that night, so I can sleep in a bit. But I probably wouldn't be getting to the hotel/park until about 930/10pm.
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