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  1. Which podcast? I'm always looking for a new haunt podcast that isn't Scarezone.
  2. Mods, move or delete if this is in the wrong spot. Is there any way for me to turn off the user stats for each post? The way it formats on my phone, it takes up more space than the post itself. Makes the thread hard to follow. Thank you!
  3. You have one shy of half the houses announced by the end of May. Quit being greedy.
  4. Bet is still on, as the next announcement hasn't happened.
  5. I would imagine that if they could have gotten the rights they would have by now. Not speaking just of HHN, but in general. I would also suggest that you will see Give the Rev A Tickle: The House before you see anything to do with the CP remake. There is bad blood there.
  6. There's also the fact that Universal doesn't have the rights to the original Child's Play, only 2 and later, so if they did the original movie they would have to play ball with the rights holder. Better just to do an original Chucky story if anything.
  7. Oh, laughing at the badness is fun -- I ride bit once a month or so -- bit it's just awful.
  8. Neither Fallon nor AOV come near FF in terms of badness.
  9. Adam Savage would tell you what a sample size of one gets you
  10. So ..... You're not cognizant of how bad you've got it?
  11. Should have at least gone through one time. It wasn't the worst house I've ever done, not by a mile.
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