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  1. Actually its kpop dont ask me how i know this. xD
  2. Since last year was my first time going to HHN, I would be happy with any houses. Although i would particularly like to see Halloween and Aliens vs Predator.
  3. When I was there all they were playing was the HHN commercial.
  4. Could somebody please post a pic of the twd facade.
  5. Can you still buy tours after HHN has started? and will the second week of september tours be sold out before a week or so?
  6. Sorry if i was confusing i was talking about UTH tour. In your opinion is it worth the price?
  7. Does anyone know what houses are going to be toured? And if you have the time could you tell me exactly what you do during the tour.
  8. How would they do Chucky? Do they just get someone really short?
  9. Here is my updated list 1. Freddy vs Jason 2. Insidious 3. Monsters and Mayhem 4. American Werewolf in London 5. Asylum in Wonderland 3D 6. Body Collectors 7. The Walking Dead 8. Run 9. Purge
  10. Definitely getting the Williamsburg version of this.
  11. Is Fast Food boulevard in the holding area?
  12. I love those! They always scared my sister to death.
  13. Well Howl o Scream Williamsburg is getting 3 new houses.
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