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  1. I was a swing last year at AHS and never did pool! They had 2 scare spots for one character and 3 of us doing the role- performer A, performer C, and the swing. We rotated between the 2 scare spots and a 30 minute break so I was no different than the other 2 in my role. I’m guessing you will be in the same situation.
  2. I’m blackout in Stranger things. A little sad cause I loved popping out at people last year but I’m up for trying it. I’m a little surprised though as I though blackouts usually were strong men and I’m a 5’3 female with no upper body strength
  3. Has anyone here been a blackout performer before? That’s what I got and I’m not sure what that really means.
  4. I’m so confused, I wasn’t worked up about anything this was my first post on this thread haha
  5. The Blumhouse offices aren’t on the WB lot, my friend used to work for Blum they are in their own office space, just a BTW
  6. I got an email at 1 am this morning! Very anxious to wait to see what my role is!
  7. I don’t think they typically send emails on the weekend but I’m not sure. I haven’t heard of many people from my cast last year hearing yet so I’m hoping it’s still too early. If I haven’t heard by Wednesday I will plan to be just attending as a guest this year, which is almost as fun
  8. So far it seems like 80% of the vets ive seen get their casting email are men, so it looks like they might be sending out by location this year. Hoping to hear something tomorrow if paperwork is really next week!
  9. Haven’t heard of anyone getting an email today, have you guys?
  10. Other veterans here: I requested a full weekend off on my audition card and now it looks like I don’t need that weekend off anymore ... should I contact casting and let them know the update or just wait and see?
  11. Auditioning tomorrow! Curious to see if the auditions are the same set up this year. Good luck everyone!
  12. I'm at AHS which is great because it's my favorite show! I'm "chin ghost swing" ... anyone have any clue what that means
  13. I'm at orientation on Thurs at 6 and the 25th scare academy! I'm so nervous to see where I'm placed
  14. I haven't heard anything from them since my paperwork session 2 weeks ago - has anyone else not heard anything yet or is it just me?
  15. I went in for my paperwork, but when do the next steps happen?
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