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  1. Not relevant to HHN Orlando but I have just noticed on Inside The Magic that Japan are getting death eaters in The Wizarding World... I am a little bit jealous.
  2. I hope we get an announcement this week. For the past two weeks, all I have seen on my Facebook time hop is announcements from the past couple of years and it is making me ever so impatient.
  3. I know it wouldn't make sense but has it ever happened that we share a property but they are announced separately?
  4. Ahh, okay! Thanks, that will explain why I cannot find it.
  5. What scarezones were rumored for this year? I thought I had seen it somewhere in this topic but I had a quick glance back and can't find it. Does anybody know?
  6. My bad, just a typo. I know they are not an official source, just thought I would share what they had put on Facebook.
  7. Ahh... guess I missed those. Nevermind.
  8. Don't know if this will mean anything at all but halloween horror nights: the official story guide posted this... SOON... Which to me looks like the cover of Halloween 2.
  9. Sorry if this has been asked but did anybody do the scare actor dining last year? Thinking of doing it this year but I am a bit unsure...
  10. Will that mean it is 100% not happening?
  11. I would absolutely love to do Cabin in the Woods again. I know it probably won't happen but it was a pretty amazing house. I am good with Michael Myers returning though. Oh I wonder what it will be... so exciting!
  12. Ahh yes and we could get Friday the 13th revealed this Friday - the 13th! But then again I am probably reading too much into it. Would they do another house with Jason so soon do you think?
  13. Any idea if we are getting a reveal today or am I just wishful thinking?
  14. I am freaking out right now! I know it is only the second house but god damn I am excited for this year!
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