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  1. Only pick up truck I can remember with the stars and stripes is from Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2....has to be something else
  2. For everyone looking to get one last look at HHN this year, the Orange County history center is having an exhibit called "The Serious Art of Make Believe" from now until april 29th. It features tons of concept art, most of it seen, some of it not. It also has loads of props and costumes from the events, including this year as well as Grinchmas, Mardi Gras and more. There's also going to be a few chances to talk to the creative team, one intimate, the other not so much. Check out pics, a review and more details here.
  3. They are down by about 100 votes right now. The poll is setup so that you can vote once an hour....the poll closes at Midnight tonight. If you loved it this year, you might want to vote at least 3 more times.
  4. As many may know...or not...Behind the Thrills is having the 2nd annual "Thrill Weekly Awards". It's a group of awards given out to the best of the theme park industry of that year. Unlike other events such as the Golden Tickets, the winners are chosen by the fans. This week is the vote for King of Halloween. HHN 20 won it last year. The voting goes on until Sunday and currently HOS is in the lead. If you'd like to vote for whichever haunt you think is the best....show your love and support for the haunt by clicking here. Other fun polls are coming up including...site of the year.
  5. I seriously need to get my FFP and go more often. This year is really a blast with very minor exceptions. FEAR isn't used enough, but everyone else is used plenty to make up for it. So speaking of being a blast, I was recently invited to Boo Camp at HHN and was allowed to be a Scareactor for a night. It was too much friggin fun. To see all of my pictures, and videos, click here.
  6. Well if anyone wants to hear the conference call that took place today, it can be found here.
  7. There is another conference call today, scheduled to take place at 3p.m. We will have it available to listen shortly after the call is over.
  8. From the glimpses in the teaser, plus what's already been posted, looks like the same to me. Guess we'll know on September 6th
  9. If you missed the conference call live, you can listen to it here Skip the first 11 minutes as it's a roll call and very bad audio
  10. As many of you may (or may not know), Universal is holding a conference call right now regarding this year's Halloween Horror Night's event. Want to ask Universal's creative team a question or just listen to the call? It's being broadcasted live right here. Come listen to the call (or you can wait for details later).
  11. Immediately vacating his position in A&D? Roddy Perhaps?
  12. Exactly. The posters are gone. Of course if you all read the article, you'd know that
  13. More pics from today, including better shots of the swingset, and Sting Alley...what's in Sting alley? You missed it!!??!!? Click here to see it all. And yes, all pics were taken from walkways and no "backstage" pics.
  14. Okay...sure, you could be right. But then we have TJ on record, and on tape saying otherwise.(click here to hear that) He says and I quote "next year will be a scrapbook of years past...we'll see characters from all the other years come together". Sounds like a reunion to me. People always read too much into these things, and in the end they always say "See I told you!" but rarely say "Yeah I was wrong". But remember, HHN 19 was brought to you by the word "classic"
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