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  1. 1. Nevermore: The Madness of Poe 2. Winter's Night: The Haunting of Hawthorne Cemetery 3. The Thing 4. Nightingales: Blood Prey 5. The Forsaken 6. The In Between 7. H.R. Bloodengutz 8. Saws n Steam: Into The Machine
  2. Who wants to join my pirate crew?

  3. Saw the commercial for 2005 back when I was around 5th grade or so while watching TV one night in October and thought to myself "Oh it's Universal's Halloween thing. I should go to that one day." 2 years later I went and have been addicted ever since
  4. Right right I knew they had House of 1000 Corpses at Hollywood last year but I can only imagine if they had one here in Orlando
  5. I for one would've loved to see a house based off Rob Zombie. Can you imagine what they can do if they tried it? I can only dream one day it shall happen.
  6. Merry Christmas all!!!!!

  7. "I have seen your heart and it is mine"

  8. Happy Halloween all!

  9. Idk if anyone has ever experienced this before but have you ever thought or looked at anything HHN related during Christmas? I mean every year around Christmas I go to Virginia to visit family and every year it snows pretty hard. Almost every year I look at something HHN related whether it be a few pictures, videos, music etc. But man lemme tell you it is the weirdest/most awesome feeling. Maybe it's because the event ended only about 2 months ago but it's still really cool. But after HHN is all over with I concentrate on school and other things that have to do with my social life. Then once summer comes around I pretty much am in front of the computer almost every hour of the day looking at stuff for HHN that year.
  10. Im not sure if I went through cast change when I went through on Friday but...I saw both Cindys and maybe...3 orphans. The house was almost empty when I went through. The house wasn't to bad as far as atmosphere goes but it could've been waaaay better If I just went through at the right time.
  11. Just wanted to say the cast who was in Echoes of Shadybrook last night was amazing! The girl who was at the beginning of the house behind the counter just moaning creeped me out and the girl who said "peekaboo" after I said hi was pretty nice. So kudos to the cast the was on around 1 in the morning last night.
  12. Zombiegeddon...what happend man?

  13. HHN Tomorrow. Ah yeaaaaahhh!

  14. HHN Tomorrow. Ah yeaaaaahhh!

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