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  1. ... ...Well. I really hope that the mazes can make up for it.
  2. Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Blood Brothers will be located within the Waterworld venue.
  3. My thoughts; what makes me curious is that we got two houses in one day; and to top it off, it reassures me that this year feels very much like an anniversary year in a sense. It brings back the New Line Trio along with The Shape and Regan, and it seems like we may be getting AHS and Krampus, making this year really feel like it's for the fans that have requested to see those new two IP's in particular. Combined with the rumors of the Classic Monsters involved in a scarezone of some sort; multiple live shows and Potter most likely being open to the public, it gives a lot of unique and exciting things for everyone to get excited about.
  4. We didn't technically lose 747. He did say that there will be a house In-Front of the soundstage (where the line for the house would usually be held at). As for Parisian; I'd imagine we still have it. It does wonder to me though how they may handle the flow of the line though; but I guess we'll see.
  5. Going to go over my thoughts of the rumored Line-up.. AHS: While I think it has some possible red tape, it has quite a bit of material that can transcend very well as a form of "Megahouse", maybe that'd be going to 25 as it could make sense. The question lies to me, is what are they going to pick out for the seasons, as I can see them going quite a bit into Freakshow for some reason.. FVJ: Not surprised, it makes sense considering that John and Chris got a bit of flack over not having it last year. Just curious to see how its handled and where it's located. Scream (or any other IP): I don't think its going to happen. If they do, I am thinking it'd unfortunately be centered around the TV Show and not the classic slasher flick..but, it was also mentioned here already, that there are other IP's being considered and not just this one; two of which he mentioned was Halloween II and a Solo-Alien house. To me, I would pick Halloween II; because its something that worked out very well last year, and it wouldn't require much to change..well, the sets would but the principle can very well stay the same. But who knows, there may be other IP's he may have in mind that'd be better mind, so I guess its a wait-and-see to me. TWDA: Not shocked. The Exorcist: I didn't get to say much about this during its announcement, but I am excited to see what John gets to do..especially with a really, really LONG tent for it. TCM Terror Tram: I hope its not just TCM, as it could be a play off of the Slasher Genre and not just Leatherface. Incorporate Freddy, Jason and Michael; and I think that may be the best course of action for this. The Conjuring: Its a very intense IP, that can very well lead to a great house. Plus, featuring all three films makes sense in a marketing approach to me, in a way. Krampus: I'm just excited to see the puppetry. That, I think may be the highlight, especially for Krampus and how they'd handle him as a Puppet or hell; a Scare Actor. It also makes me hope that there may be some nods to DC from the past few years; as a nice touch for the fans.
  6. Personally, the amount of puns I can make is going to be oh so fun! I am excited to see what she can do, without Jack being around to restrain her; as I actually am excited to see what she can do for a Jack-like Icon.
  7. When you compare this.. To this, This has to be Krampus, unless its something else..
  8. Galindoverhere on USHForums is giving out a rumor that we may finally see the area of Springfield used for a scarezone in HHN (even if it wouldn't be themed to The Simpsons). Personally if its the case, I would be excited to actually see them handle the Cooling tower effect for HHN in a different manner..
  9. Take it for what you will, but on USHForums; insider Galindoverhere is saying that there may be a possibility of HHN having 7 to 8 houses this year. Plus the exclusion of the Shuttles of the Backlot, no RIP and Hogsmeade being open to the public.
  10. A few things, And when saying to John, about the houses, he mentioned this to me. Personally curious, why do I think its not impossible that he's referring to one of the locations on the Backlot or (and what I call most likely), him losing the Persian Courtyard.
  11. Technically, we're still getting WD thanks to TWDA. But I agree, it seems like that USH will have an incredible year so-far. From what it seems; I doubt that we're ever going to get Scream. Especially considering that Orlando and Hollywood rumored to of had major issues with the rights holder; Dimension.
  12. From an interesting note, John mentioned in a Q&A today that he may be playing the idea of doing a new version of the Terror Tram that wouldn't revolve on an IP, but instead being an original concept. He does point out though; that the people above him could pull a vote-out of the concept. Also, he mentions this; So, we can cross out Repeats; Music houses, and possibly 3D houses. This may turn as one of the best years in the event yet.
  13. I was going to lean towards Mary just being a ghost doctor now aswell. If they can't get Bloody Mary, you'd might as well give Mrs. Agana a new form to in-habit in the supernatural world. I've had two options I stated in a speculation video but i'll just say summarys of both: Option A; *Jack and Eddie being Icons leading to a Vs house *9 Houses (5 IPs, 4 Originals) *3 Scarezones, 3 Roaming Hoardes *Two Shows *New location at MIB Overflow for a house Option B: *Mary Agana returning in a new form as a Icon leading to a new house *Same said for the rest, 9 houses; 6 Street Experiences and 2 shows. Plus the MIB Overflow
  14. I'll just say this.. Mazes: - Freddy Vs Jason { A house that has been requested since it got announced for just Orlandos turf} - Krampus/Dark Christmas {John and Michael wanting to work together} - Alice Cooper {Very much a fan-favorite with the promise of it being a Trilogy} - Ash Vs Evil Dead {It'd tie in for the Second Season for it} - Fear The Walking Dead (might as well get this crap out of the way) - The Conjuring {Johns relationship with James Wan could be a big reason, and it'd be able to tie in to a new movie} Shows: - Academy of Villans has a lot of potential they could do, especially with a entirely original show TT: - Purge, just to tie in with the new sequel to it
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