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  1. RT @thetimtracker: Interactive wand with an iPhone taped to it. Selfie Stick? http://t.co/eeVUCjmouF

  2. RT @UniInformant: #FunFact: The hub in #JurassicWorld was filmed in the parking lot of the abandoned Six Flags New Orleans! http://t.co/UBq…

  3. RT @brokehorrorfan: Nancy Allen (RoboCop, Carrie, Poltergeist 3) is 65 today: http://t.co/LgooGBi0Rc http://t.co/EvlDkn0nj0

  4. do yo have any scareactor group photos that i could possibly see by a chance

  5. I found 156 people do not follow me back via http://t.co/7SSfy4q0Ee

  6. Universal Pictures Races to $3.8 Billion for 2015 - http://t.co/q2Ub8xFOZ5 http://t.co/uG6pWLoVxU

  7. RT @FakeThemePark: We now offer free Wi-Fi! To T-Mobile users! On the first Tuesday of every month! From 3 to 4 pm! For $12!

  8. places to find photos of the cast http://www.hhncast.com/photos/2004/jessica/viewing/jsc2004-016v.jpg http://www.hhncast.com/photos/2004/kevin/viewing/kvn2004-meltv.jpg http://hhncrypt.com/index.php/halloween-horror-nights-image-gallery.html
  9. i cant imagine pokemon becoming a house but i think it would be a good idea to use puppets again this year.due to the secsuss of avp and awil
  10. does anybody have any photos or video of this house??
  11. i believe there was a lion and a large number of clowns in that house
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