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  1. So I haven't been the biggest fan of video game houses, Silent Hill was meh and Resident Evil was really bad. But with Nintendo coming to the park and a Castlevania netfix show announced that may be a possible house for this or future years. http://bloody-disgusting.com/news/3423971/violent-castlevania-tv-series-headed-netflix-year/
  2. It's so funny to me that 22 was so hated and that was my first real time going to the event. I went to earlier ones but didn't do much because I was younger. 2012 was my first time doing every house, going multiple nights, and getting sucked into the HHN world. For me walking up to the front porch of Dead End is where I feel in love with the event and knew I was hooked. But I do understand why people who were aboard the train before me would look down on it, if I'm being honest it wasn't close the best of my soon to be 5 years going (looking at you 24) but nostalgia puts a rose tint on things. My worst year would be 23, still enjoyed but man I didn't like Resident Evil and HATED Havoc.
  3. The sneak peak of chance made me nervous, I didn't like the idea of her being an icon. The reveal has made me way more confident, I think this could be done well.
  4. Anyone figure out what the whispering in the background says?
  5. Unpopular opinion incoming in 5,4,3,2,1.... this house could be good. I think it shows potential than just a house based on season 6. Also I'm thinking this is the send off for TWD...but I'm not holding my breath.
  6. Sounds like claustrophobic jewel/cobweb has an South West Desert Native American vibe? I am very very okay with that!
  7. I thought shall not be named could be Bettlejuice
  8. Fair enough! I'm happy for things being secret, I'm just both wanting to take things as they come and wanting to know everything.
  9. Oh gotcha. So it hasn't been posted anywhere? Also, I'm happy it's tight lipped. We all knew way too early last year for sure. But I'm also ready for another house announcement lol Any chance you'll share what you think the line up is?
  10. Classic horror movies a theme for the IPS this year? Or just a correlation between the first two houses?
  11. Have we had an announcement this early in the past few years? I could be wrong but this feels super early...which isn't a bad thing.
  12. Does anyone have an idea on when construction would start this year?
  13. https://hhnunofficial.com/2016/02/28/penn-and-teller-for-hhn26/ Could mean nothing, could mean everything.
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