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  1. Well, what I heard was wrong. The quote was from Sphere. It appears I heard wrong. I heard the house called an underwater Interstellar Terror. Sphere is, basically, an underwater Event Horizon. We have creatures, though.
  2. The Forsaken was the house version of Dead Man’s Wharf. In case I’m asleep when the announcement happens and my connection is correct (I had 2 hrs of sleep. I’m running a caffeine and crazy), here’s a quote: ”What happens if Jerry gets mad?”
  3. One can hope. I may have finally made a connection. I should have seen it awhile ago. I’ll have to wait for the announcement to confirm it, but it’ll be interesting if I’m right. There’s a movie that may have inspired the house. Not the obvious ones we’ve discussed, though.
  4. Soon is now. We will know if all holds by tomorrow.
  5. Maybe? A quick calculation based on the permit fee tells me the partition is going to cost about $5,400. I would think there are cheaper ways to do so. They’ve used curtains in the soundstages to separate things in the past. I don’t know. And with all the rumors about KZ eventually getting overhauled and the potential for that building getting demolished, it just seems like an odd expense choice.
  6. It’s not really a matter of anyone releasing the permit. Permits fall under Florida’s Sunshine law. They are required to be accessible to the public. Permits are pulled based on when construction starts and when the contractor pulls the permit. There is leeway with how soon the contractor has to pull the permit after construction has begun. We, also, have to wait for the permits to be placed on the Orlando permit site. Permits seem to have had a small delay this year when it comes to being placed on the site. We only have 5 house permits. New Parade (B108), all three tents, and SS22. We know we are getting 10 houses, so we haven’t been overly worried about a lack of permits, but we have been wondering where the others are. I don't think this indicates there won’t be a house in B79, but I am trying to figure out why a partition is being built.
  7. New permit: BLD2019-14528. It is for B79, but I don’t think it’s for the house. The fee amount isn’t enough for it to be for a house. The description states interior partition.
  8. The announcement of Monsters, and where it falls on the house grid, showed that placement isn’t as clear cut as original vs IP and announcement order. There is a slot between StrTh and UCM. Yes. The website setup isn’t consistent with a definitive IP/Original split off point. Monsters is an original take on IPs. It’s is no different than Cabin, Thing: Assimilation, and ‘07 NoES. It’s a strange hybrid.
  9. Have I told you lately that I like you? Biggest pet peeve from this year is the cryptid misnomer. My guess is someone has Sasquatch or Bigfoot trademarked. I’ve been silently fuming about this. Graveyard house: We are apparently talking about the house I was referring to earlier now. The final original. This would be the one that doesn’t make thematic sense to me.
  10. #eventually! I’m not sure what the next house announcement will be. It’s the only house that I currently don’t understand based what little I know. Unsure at this time. Most likely not, but I’m always cynically hopeful. You keep answering my questions, and you answer correctly. Out of my head, please. There’s already too many people in there. Now for the why I’m hopeful. 5/5 still seems to be in play. The announcement/house grid on the site is weird. The way things are spaced is just not visually appealing, unless there are other reasons for the spacing. If the spacing is based on importance/fan reception, we must ask: What original would be more important than Nightingales? And there’s a house that doesn’t make sense to me. It could simply be a matter of simplicity. I see far more potential and want more, but the house theming is simple/more basic. It’s my only means of speculation at the moment, and I miss speculating.
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