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  1. Not gonna lie, I would love to see a GWAR 3D house one year. Although the band has a niche fan base, it would make for a pretty sick dark comedy house.
  2. Here's the facade of Lunatic's Playground 3D, courtesy of MickeyXtreme on Twitter: It appears to be a newspaper.
  3. Any updates on the Sprung Tent facades? (Sorry for my lack of posting lately, I've been very busy. I'm back for the HHN season, however!)
  4. 1. Ghost Town 2. Tomb of the Ancients 3. Lunatic's Playground 3D 4. Halloween: Hell Comes to Haddonfield 5. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre 6. Krampus 7. The Exorcist 8. American Horror Story 9. The Walking Dead
  5. I've been lurking for a while...I guess it's around time I started posting again! Anyway, I'm starting to wonder if Chance will appear (in-person) anywhere in the park. Without a show, I feel like we won't see much of her, but who knows? Maybe we'll get a meet and greet similar to Jack's in 2010?
  6. Today I came up with a strange but cool HHN maze idea out of nowhere. I figured you guys would get a kick out of it. Anyway, the name of the house would be "Pawn Scars." It wold be located in Nazarman's (in a universe where it could still be utilized). The basic story would be that 20 years ago, a mysterious man pawned a small Aztec Idol at Nazarman's. The man never returned to claim his object. Shortly after, a number of horrendous accidents occurred at the shop, resulting in the death of three employees. The manager, distraught and feeling responsible, hung himself in his office. The shop has remained abandoned since. Basically, guests would venture into the old shop, facing vengeful spirits, violent squatters, and supernatural events along the way. Just felt like sharing. What do you think?
  7. They still come up the stairs. In 2014 Bill came up and sat down right next to me.
  8. Which house served as your introduction to HHN and what was your experience? Mine was CITW back in 2013. I remember stepping into the soundstage and into the world of the movie. It was a truly surreal and magical experience.
  9. I'm stoked for this one! They have to recreate those stairs somehow. They are absolutely chilling. I live about 15 minutes from the actual stairs, and I can tell you that they are creepy even driving by in broad daylight. I can only imagine how unsettling they would look under show lighting.
  10. I hate to dig up an old thread, but I'm still pretty curious. Though no pictures exist, someone on here must have seen it back in the day. How was it in comparison to the 2006-2008 show?
  11. It would be amazing if they utilized the new lagoon show for HHN. As far as the Purge goes, I agree. Mike Aiello has stated on multiple occasions that scarezones are back for good. He even cited popular demand as the reasoning. They've already done their experimenting with full-park scarezones, and for the most part, they all flopped. I could be wrong, though. Crazier things have happened.
  12. I know its unlikely, but I would LOVE to see some nods to TCM 2. It would make my day to see Chop Top coming after me with a hot coat hanger.
  13. All of the scareactors this year were great, but the most notable encounters occurred in the ICONS zone. On the night of October 16 (forgive me, it's been a while and I cannot remember the times for the life of me), I had two great encounters. The first was with the Usher. I walked up next to him and asked "Mr. Browning, do you mind if I take a picture?" He responded by saying something along the lines of "My pleasure, son." Just the way he said it gave me chills and was excellent. The second encounter that night was with Cindy. I walked up to her, said "hi Cindy," and she simply giggled and stood there. Once I turned around to walk away, she came up behind me and whispered in my ear. I almost soiled myself. On the night of the 17th, one of the Caretakers recognized me and said something along the lines of "back again for more, boy?" That made my night.
  14. This has been bugging me since I attended HHN 24 and was wondering if anyone could shed some light on it for me. I was wondering if Universal made their Myers masks from scratch, because, at least to me, they looked like modified Trick or Treat Studios H2 masks. Does anybody here know for sure?
  15. I agree. As much as I would like this, I highly doubt it would happen. The thing with using figures like Vlad the Impaler and Jack the Ripper is that their victims have no more close relatives at this point. The victims of sickos such as Bundy, Dahmer, and Gacy still have brothers, sisters, and even parents in some cases. It would be extremely distasteful and disrespectful to them to glorify these bastards in a maze. On a lighter note, your profile picture is amazing, Boosaphus Rex.
  16. I wish they would do a Scream parody as the comedy house next year. Maybe it could be directed by H.R. Bloodengutz? It would be such a great slap in the face to the rights holders of Scream.
  17. Personally, I want to see Afterlife done right. Drop the 3D, but keep it as trippy and surreal as hell (no pun intended).
  18. Damn. I really wanted to see Uni's Ghostface. EDIT: @MorphanScout posted a screenshot of Ghostface in the commercial on Twitter. I wasn't sure if I should post it (don't want to get in trouble with Uni) but it can easily be found on his page.
  19. As far as Express is concerned, they really need to limit the amount sold, even more so than they currently do. When you pay the price of an extra ticket for the event, even on the busiest nights Express lines should have a maximum of a 30 minute wait. It's not worth the money if it's any longer.
  20. Found this on @DrewofOU's Twitter: It's this year's cast shirt. One thing I noticed (other than it being awesome) is that in the list of attractions, it says "The Ghost-Face..." and the rest of the phrase is plastered over with a "cancelled" sign.
  21. ^This. What if the studios were taken over by H.R. Bloodengutz? Each of the four normal sound stages could house one of his twisted productions. This would open up a world of original content!
  22. Of the four times I went through 25 Years, Meaty Meetz was present all but one run-through.
  23. From what I heard in the RUN section of the forums, he was added to the Russia scene for the last few nights.
  24. As much as I doubt it would happen, I would LOVE to see the long-awaited return of Eddie as our icon. It would make sense, too, as this year there was a major emphasis on chainsaws, a cameo by Eddie in Body Collectors, and last but not least, his last-minute addition to RUN and the Icons scare zone. It probably won't happen, but a man can wish, can't he?
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