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  1. Not looking forward to ANY IP house this year-mostly looking forward to the originals. Faceoff is going to be a fun scarezone I'm excited to see the bayou scarezone since I'm also going to hallo weekends and kings island halloween event both in ohio-both having a bayou scarezone so I will have some direct comparisons Also forgot to add- I have a feeling we will see at the very least one more scare zone pop up-at the exit of disaster I would not be surprised if they put out a "clowns" style scare zone as this area is almost always used for a scare zone anyways + that house is so short.
  2. annnnd the video has been pulled due to copyrights
  3. BIG SPOILERS BELOW IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN ORLANDO SHOW! Orlando show start's out with an opening number to "Pheonix" by fall out boy, with the major killer's from horror movies (as women though) dancing. In our show Bill and Ted are at camp Morning wood, Where celeberties go to relax. Ted brought his g.f with him, Taylor swift (pumpkin spice lataytay) she is looking for her journal, ted says he found it hands it to her and it turns out its not her journal, its actually the book of totally bad stuff...she reads from it, and gets possessed. She then goes on to posses a whole lot of famous women, including Penny from Big bang, Amanda Bynes, Jessica Hutchkins, and a few more. They make fun of disney, sharknado, disney again, superman, the cup song, Oz the great and powerful, hobbit, (YOU SHALL NOT PUFF PUFF PASS) James Cameron, Star Trek, Star Wars, Superman, the screaming goat, miley cyrus (who gets possessed obviously) The voice, Skyfall (and the stunt jumper from the olympics...) along with multpile other. It turns out that they need a virgin in order to take over the world as the book of totally bad things says, and bill happens to be one, so, every woman (and some men) end up shaking hte bush with bill, he then stands up and yells 69! then they go into the final dance number.
  4. 8 NON IP HOUSES. LOL I love it...it's kinda amusing of a thought.
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1b5DTSKVf_I Watch the entire HOLLYWOOD show, and you can compare them.
  6. So, thanks to a youtube video, I was able to watch Hollywood's entire show (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1b5DTSKVf_I) Obviously two very different plot's, for me, it seem's our show here in Florida is a little more comedic, but, I loved the Kevin Hart/gandolf jokes, and I loved the miley cyrus joke compared to our's. Has anyone seen the Florida Show as well as your sow out there? If so, what do you think?
  7. Mark and I have been discussing this a few times, and so I figured I would start a thread, is anyone interested in doing one this year? If so, let's see if we can nail down a date for it. Suggestions? Personally, I think a Friday would be best, since the house lines are longest on fridays, and so, i spend more time in the streets then I do in the houses on Fridays.
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