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  1. I attended the event on 10/5/18. I was debating between going to WB and HHN and maybe I chose poorly... I'll cut WB some slack, I know this is their 1st real event. The sets and costumes were amazing, but I got absolutely 0 scares. The Conjuring Universe was the whole reason I wanted to attend. It was an "interactive" maze, they split people into groups of less than 10. I ended up waiting in line for 2 hours to do this maze. When it was over everyone in my group exclaimed, "That's it?". I found that was the case with most of the mazes; something felt missing. The most frustrating part of the event was I almost missed the Camp Crystal Lake attraction (their version of the TT). It was advertised to close early, 10:30pm. My husband and I were there a little before 10pm, but the line attendant was refusing to let anyone in at that point. She said they were set to close at 10 that night and it was above her pay grade to discuss this change. People were angry and refusing to leave. Eventually a manager came over and reopened the line. Highlights for me: Camp Crystal Lake and It. Takeaway: I had fun and if you are interested in going, you should. I enjoyed seeing all the sets, the quality was amazing. Just don't expect to be scared. Also, the food was terrible and cold, please eat before you go!
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