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  1. Me with my son's wife before they even knew each other! Last Halloween hanging out with Pennywise
  2. Times have changed for sure, Miss the event as it was up to 2009-2010. I saw a major shift in the dynamics with the inclusion of the A&D from Cali. It not only changed the event but the demographics of the attendees. Still love me some Jason, Halloween 2017 was a blast!
  3. Hello all who remember me, Hope everyone is doing well. been 3 years since I have been to HHN, and 4 since the last I worked it. Had a great run but was time for me to move on to bigger and better things. So whats all the old timers up to? And for all the ones who do not know me, I had the privilege of being one of the first on this site after the demise of other popular sites. MZ has done an amazing job with this one, and keeping it going as long as he has! I miss the days of old, where each scareactor could evolve their character to make it unique. Have been enjoying a few of the local haunts. Years have past since we last saW what I call the Fab 4, Would love to see a reunion of them. Here they are all wrapped into 1.
  4. Do not know where at Epcot but saw this posted on FB, Wonder if JMR had a hand in it's creation....
  5. Uni re-hires JMR and we get an all original event, with an in depth backstory.
  6. HHN Orlando is still a marquee event, but as a person who has seen it evolve to the "Sell out" years where they had to open portions of the park not being used for HHN for crowd control, to the decline of what we have today I feel the event needs more JMR and less California. 100 min waits are not long compared to years past when 240 min or more were common and accepted for the product that was put out. For a "casual" event attendee the event is still amazing, but those who have been around for years came to expect next year to be greater than the last. Sweet 16 seems to be the mid point. Detailed backstories, and Original event Icons have given way to IP's. Yes I enjoy some of the IP's but not near as much as A&D's Originals.
  7. I have only worked 3 nights this year, All 3 in FvJ including last night. It is nice to hear the appreciation. Not sure if it was me, but I am sure all who work the house are as thankful as I for your kind words. For all of the Jason's, You are welcome.
  8. No Brandon it was not taken from there, I had the DVD from Joe at Spendusworks and ripped it,
  9. If you have never done it before, Enjoy, it is tough but rewarding work.
  10. Don't blink. Blink and you're dead. They are fast. Faster than you can believe. Don't turn your back. Don't look away. And don't blink.

  11. In a twist of fate I have returned to Central Florida and will be auditioning this year.

    1. Dr. Jimmy

      Dr. Jimmy

      they will probably make you wear a mask this year.

    2. C_D


      Well i am only after Active Backup, I should have limited time to work it but need to get my scare back on, I am jonesin bad!

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