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  1. Isaw it for the first time recently and yeah, i dont think its aged well at all. Ill try to keep an open mind given the praise, but i was underwhelmed with the film which didn't do anything at all for me
  2. Oh boy, I can't wait to be attacked by dudes in hoodies with cheap-o masks on! In all seriousness, I feel better about this blumhouse than the last one. More time to flesh out the two (shallow) stories, and I won't be running from a demon named "baghoul", which is just a silly name. Plus, I hope they learned not to have the same finale as last year bc that paint room gave me a legit headache
  3. If going multiple nights, why not just switch it up? That way you try it both ways. I know im gonna be doing that this year Edit: I am a legal recipient of medical marijuana, and i have a DD. Remember to stay safe and legal!
  4. Hey so, I've been considering going with scareactor dining this year since there are some scareactors id like to meet and get pics with in an actual photo-op setting. My question is, does going to this event lead to you getting on the streets in time? I wouldn't want to be stuck inside of there for whatever reason
  5. can someone please go to this on saturday and win for me? I have work that day so i can’t go I gotta say tho, its neat to have a big game show being filmed at universal studios orlando. Reminds me of the old Nick days
  6. I do miss criticalanalysis, tho. I haven’t been around often enough to see some of these personal attacks and such, but i do think he got a bad rep just for how bluntly he stated his oft-negative opinions. R.I.P. criticalanalysis, 2014-2018
  7. I got that bogo deal the minute i saw it.... im a god damned sucker lmao
  8. 2012-Alice Cooper (i think that was 2012, all i remember house-wise was the good ones i went to that year) 2013-Walking Dead 2014-Walking Dead 2015-Walking Dead (do you see a trend??) 2016-Krampus (I still enjoyed this one tbh and I skipped TWD this year) 2017-Saw (pretty awful house tbh, possibly my least favorite ever)
  9. It's that time of year where some of us have gone, others will go, and we all have our opinions so let's all put them together into this poll! Vote for your favorite house and scarezone and feel free to put a list down at the bottom! okay so i had to remake this poll because i forgot the Invasion!! scarezone, sorry to all who voted the first time but now its going to be a more accurate poll with everything here this time Here's my house and SZ ranking list, ripped right out of my review. Is this plagiarism since I didn't quote myself? Scarezones: 1. Clowns in Springfield (screw you, it counts to me :p) 2. The Purge 3. Invasion! 4. Trick 'r Treat 5. Festival of the Deadliest Should be Eliminated: Altars of Horror (would've been even lower if it wasn't for the twins having such a good scare) Houses: 1. Dead Waters 2. The Shining 3. Ash vs. Evil Dead 4. Scarecrows 5. The Fallen 6. The Hive 7. AHS 8. Blumhouse of Horrors 9. Saw
  10. A lady I was in line with while waiting for The Fallen to resume operation told me she and her husband bought express passes halfway through the night. She said that because it was so late, they only charged her half price for each! I think this is an amazing thing to try and do, since you won't even need the passes for the first hour or two anyways
  11. This zone is certainly fleshed out and the way it should be. They really pulled off the theme really well, and its a shame those of you who went the first week didn't get to experience it
  12. To whom it may concern: the masks at the tribute store are $69.99. I bought one and am pretty dang happy with my purchase!
  13. I finally recovered from the trip and the days after. I gotta say, to those of you interested in a pink donut; eat it outside of the simpsons food court. Do yourself a favor and enjoy the clown scareactors, since the night i went they were at the top of their game. You read my review so you already know this but I just want to say it again; I went into this house once kinda expecting it to disappoint, and I loved it a whole lot. Maybe it's bc I wasn't huge on the original movie but certainly from a house perspective it was great and I feel they did it justice. I see the complaints for this house but I can't say I can relate to them.
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