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  1. With there being two endings to fvj it would be nice to have unlimited fol for sure. The vip was cool the food kinda sucked but man the free waters made up for it
  2. It just gives me a little hope that fol will be unlimited, I'm trying to see both endings of Freddy vs jason.
  3. Maybe this should be under discussion but I'm just gonna leave this here http://m.halloweenhorrornights.com/hollywood/event/front-of-line-ticket
  4. I'll change my mind I thinks it will be rob zombies 29
  5. Ooohh rob zombie I'm going simple plus with the movie coming out house of a thousand corpses
  6. Hello everybody thank you for all that oh do. I'm taking my daughters and nieces this year for there first time and was wondering is there a secret scare word this year?
  7. In the planning page someone also asked about the attack word I was trying to be funny and say four ton tick but I didn't get over to well my comedy genius has been lacking since like forever
  8. It was my failed attempt at a joke apologizes. I thought two ton tick was a attack word from 2013 but an attack word is needed I'm taking my daughters and nieces this year for there first time.
  9. Going the 31st this year first time going on All Hallows' eve
  10. Oh yea I pray everyday there will be a secret announcement about a 7th maze. 7 maze or we all hypotheticaly participate in the purge
  11. it was around 220 and I think we are all waiting for the site to go live to see if there is vip this year
  12. You think he'll use elements of part two? I'm just looking forward to seeing the queen again.
  13. Unfortunately I didn't attend the 09 maze I loved AWIL last year so hopefully mr murdy approaches halloween this year in the same way. I saw on Twitter murdy said we get to go inside micheal Myers room so that should be interesting
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