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  1. Sounds like a lot of fun!! I guess I'm a little bummed out that I won't be an actual public character but I still appreciate the role and will give it 100 hundred percent!
  2. @kingundisputed_ yeah I got blackout performer. It's my first year so i was wondering what it was. Sounds pretty awesome! I can't wait to start!
  3. Thank you for the info! It really helps! Especially being a rookie. Terror tram that bad? Lol
  4. Is that an ok role to have? I'm just really pumped and excited to be apart of this event.
  5. Hi everyone, first year here! Anyone know what a blackout performer is? Kinda curious!
  6. Do scareactors, by any chance get discounts on tickets? For like days they maybe want to attend with a couple friends? Just curious.
  7. This is my first year auditioning and going through the process. Yesterday I received my email! So excited to bring the scares! Can't wait!
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