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  1. It’s been alluded to on IU forums that there’s a guest musician so perhaps they’ll be the special guest at the panel I don’t think they’d announce Blumhouse at ScareLA. Giving Murdy a whole panel to talk about his passion project and how he went about getting permission to do UCM after all those years, creating them to truly be scary to the modern day GP, and if there truly is a musician how they went about designing the score. Plus it’s a Hollywood exclusive, usually those are the ScareLA/MSS announcements
  2. Last year suffered from a lot of poor IP choices, budget cuts, construction in the park, and the scrapping of The Conjuring. However, I’ve heard that orlando handled the scrapping well and The Hive was a much better replacement compared to Titans of Terror. Poor IP choices are mostly fueled by what the GP love (titans, purge, Insidious, Saw) and while they’ve been done well in the past, and even last year Titans and insidious were good (nowhere near 2015/16 quality good) but they had been tired out. Budget cuts caused a lot of scenes and set pieces to be cut, the biggest example being AVED (which I heard was even a dud in orlando). The park construction cut out a lot of what could have been a great upperlot Scarezone. The lineup this year is awesome, is it the dream lineup from the earlier leak? Nope. But is it still a really good lineup? In my opinion yes, except HOB 2 and the return of Toxxic Tunnel.
  3. Original content. On twitter John talked early on about how he designed an original maze for this year’s event but it was scrapped in favor of an IP maze, and he furthermore revealed that it would be another original maze set in Mexico
  4. Holidayz in Hell is our already announced scarezone located out on the backlot, same spot as Urban Inferno. Hell’s Harvest is a scarezone name let slip by John. My best spec since that’s said to be our entrance zone with chainsaws and trick ‘r Treat has been said to be the opening scaramony/New York zone is that we’re going back to 2011 style where there’s two zones in the entrance area (Scream and Klownz) with hell’s Harvest taking over the entrance fountain/universal boulevard area and trick ‘r Treat going by the New York facade by DreamWorks and universal plaza with the flame towers and the Sam photo op. Horrors of Blumhouse 2 is the rumor. I feel like this one was corporate pushed due to the rumored properties inside (Truth or Dare and Unfriended) that replaces john’s original maze. And he was probably already committed to the first purge as a full maze so just rolled with it as the full one and added Blumhouse instead of squeezing it in there. The strip mall facade is indeed for First Purge. The colors seem to be just the start. John stated in a tweet that they’ll be destroyed/burned out so we’ll be experiencing the purge while it’s already been happening for a while. This is located at the Ash vs. Evil dead/Krampus/crimson peak/TWD location. Poltergeist is outside of 747 same place as Saw and FVJ and Blumhouse is over at the AHS/FDTD spot
  5. Along with our maze based on the same film, Halloween Horror Nights 2018 Hollywood will be featuring a scarezone based on Trick ‘r Treat. This was unofficially announced by John Murdy earlier this evening at Mid Summer Scream. Claimed by him to have been an accidental “oops did I just say that?” Moment. (I believe John was fully aware of what he was doing and was completely allowed to do that, he just announced it that way to be a carny showman) The location is still not confirmed by Murdy however people have said it is the entrance zone. We know it will feature the school bus kids, Mid-transformed Werewolf girls, and Sam (this one isn’t confirmed. But c’mon. Can’t do this as a zone without Sam)
  6. Indeed it is confirmed that it’s going in metro sets. It’s our gauntlet zone, we start at the start of the year and end at the end of the year. This ones gonna be pretty good I hope
  7. If my memory serves me correctly, the FOL after 2 pm option was around $200 give or take maybe $10 or $20 pending certain nights. I didn’t buy it last year but I did buy a used pass off of eBay as a souvinear and the front of the line pass says it was only valid during Halloween Horror Nights and not during your time in the day at the park. However all the rides minus Depsicable Me, Forbidden Journey, and Hippogriff are open for HHN and the front of the line pass is valid for all mazes, shows, and rides during the night time event (minus the three that are closed). So you’d be able to ride the rides that aren’t open during the HHN hours while the park is open during the day going through the normal line and during the event use front of the line for everything else. Hope this helps!
  8. JP won’t be used for HHN this year due to the closure of Jurassic Park for the Jurassic world overhaul. We got Soundstage 29 as the replacement for that venue. So no need to check on that in the future. Great update! Pretty sure I’ve seen pictures on twitter/other forums that all our locations are under construction. Well I don’t know about 29 but that’s just cause it’s indoor. Waterworld: Walls are up Parisian Courtyard: Looks very far along. The facade is intriguing Mummy: Trick r Treat has entered Scenic (please no black walls) JP: RIP SS29: Who knows AHS Location: Looks pretty far along Metro Sets: also looks somewhat far along Outside 747: Tent was up last I saw
  9. A concept; we don’t necessarily have to have a cheap maze. Remember 2016? I mean we did have The Exorcist, but that was done by design. From what people with inside information have said, the event went over budget in 2016 which caused the budget cuts of 2017 (mostly seen in Ash and The Shining). They weren’t planned to be the cheap mazes, talking with John on Twitter there was a lot more planned for Ash (even he was disappointed in it not turning out the way he wanted) and there was a bit more planned for The Shining. But back to the Insiders, I think a little bit ago one of them mentioned that the events budget has increased as a whole. Seeing as we’re keeping the same maze count as 2016 and 2017, a higher budget year will most likely mean no cheap mazes *aggressively runs through a forest punching every single tree* cause knock on wood.
  10. After years of hearing “I’ll do a maze when Mike makes a sequel” John has finally decided to do a maze based on Mike Dougherty’s 2007 horror anthology Trick ‘r Treat This maze will be located in the Mummy venue, same place as The Shining and The Exorcist It went by codename “Olympics” the connection being the 1984 Summer Olympics mascot was Sam the Eagle and Sam is our Halloween rule keeper Please discuss here. I’m trying to keep this forum alive. It’s so sad to see the place where my speculation began come to be a deserted wasteland
  11. I’m pretty sure all those hints related to the first announcement, Stranger Things
  12. “It’s not a Simpson’s Halloween special. Think of it more as a clip show filled with clips you’ve never seen before!”
  13. From someone who is a rick and morty fan, and also watched this episode earlier to solve Legacy’s riddle, Scary Terry isn’t in that episode. And Legacy said “The next announcement is IN Morty’s mind blowers” Emphasis on in, clearly. He said it’s quite literal and is a quote so it’s in the actual episode somewhere if Legacy is to be believed
  14. It’s very possible. Over on the Hollywood side last year a lot of people were fed misinformation regarding the replacement for The Conjuring. People on both coasts could be fed up with leaks and are deciding to have fun and mess with the leakers and the speculators
  15. I think the forum dying down is due to the huge shift in the community and speculation. As soon as leaked lineups started coming out speculation started dying. Hardly anybody speculates on the codenames anymore, it’s pretty much we just give our speculated lineups, the lineup leaks, and then everyone speculated what is gonna be inside the mazes. The community shifted from having a large group of people willing to work for the lineup and speculate to people who want the lineup handed to them.
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