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  1. Return of the season! From what I can recall Jack has been the idea for 30 since 25/26 probably prior. As much as I'd love to see the queen and eelmouth return unfortunately like others have said "heard it from the horses mouth". Maybe the queen will return and kill off Jack on 10/31/2020!
  2. Just heard the radio ad. It was pretty bad.
  3. Exactly. The other rules include. -always wear a costume -always pass out treats -always check your candy And NEVER blow out a Jack O Lantern before midnight
  4. The cryptic comment was in regards to a zone. For a while i thought it had gotten canned, until Ifrits latest tweets. If it is still a go, they have done hell of a job keeping a lid on it.
  5. It could be or perhaps something more...famous Not much mention of them in the speculation this year.
  6. There was a massive IP scheduled to make an appearance, however haven't heard anything else about it in quite some time. It may have gotten the axe. I actually enjoy not knowing what originals and scarezones we are getting. It leaves some element of surprise. There's ALWAYS a shakeup.
  7. Tis the season... What's going on?
  8. It's gonna be an Animal House/Vamp55 sequel mash up. Its the fall 1974 and homecoming weekend at Carey University. The Carey University football team is undefeated and KILLING the opposition. The boys Delta Tau Chis are throwing the biggest frat party since last year. The band will be jamming, the beer will be cold, and everyone is feeling friendly. Open invitation everyone is invited even those creepy locals and those nocturnal nerds from Lambda Lambda Lambda. Only catch is BYOB. Bring your own Blood. Universal will also be covered in a dome, so even if it rains you will be good to go! Don't worry about the chainsaw fumes it will add to the effect!
  9. The show isn't on Netflix. It is streaming on Starz on demand.
  10. I really enjoyed creep. If peachfuzz made an appearance I'd be stoked!
  11. Exactly. Should've put it into context, they were referring to the Shining as an IP they have been chasing for a while. Charles is Show Director of Houses Patrick is also a Show Director
  12. They leave Easter eggs through out but some notables include: -very high on originals (I'd hope so) -considered the shining a white whale. -both extremely high on AoV -Charles mentioned wanting to bring back The Thing, and creating their own story after MacGready and Childs are found. -Patrick would to have another take on Dead exposure. -mentioned having a love for classic Halloween themes, really hinting at Trick r Treat
  13. No announcements but worth a listen. Walker nation podcast featuring Charles Gray and Patrick Braillard. http://www.spreaker.com/user/dsolo4/solo-sessions-16-hhn-27-patrick-braillar#
  14. Exactly. Entertainment codenames usually have similarities to one another. House codenames in the past have included watermelon, melon, strawberry, sweet tea, etc...
  15. The owner of the site went by the name of NickC on the vault. Not sure if he ever came over here but i agree we need to come together and keep the site alive for the old HHN sites.
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